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To Rebuild and Restore The Twin City Plastic Surgery Family

Family is the fundamental unit upon which civilization is based. It is not only meant to act as a built-in system of support and education,

the family also provides an emotional and psychological base of stability for the individual.

    There is an innate desire in all of us to be a member of a family — to be a part of bigger whole. When that family unit no longer exists or is fractured, there is a desire to rebuild or restore it.

    Family is also the unit upon which Twin City Plastic Surgery (TCPS) is based. In the 14 years they have practiced in Bloomington-Normal, their family has extended to include the patients who walk through their doors and the community as a whole. When any part of that extended family unit is fractured — whether by an accident or by a disease — they consider it their mission to rebuild and restore it.

Rooted in Central Illinois
    Like any healthy tree, the roots of a family are vital to good growth and where those roots are planted can make all the difference. Each of the doctors at TCPS recognized this right from the start of their respective careers.

    Dr. Laura Randolph hails from Bloomington. She attended Bloomington High School and Illinois Wesleyan University before going to medical school at Loyola University in Chicago. But she, like her physician father, decided Bloomington-Normal was the place to live and practice. “My patients come from all over, but one of my joys is taking care of people who either knew my father or went to him as a patient as well,” she shares.

    Also from the area, Dr. Chad Tattini attended Normal Community West High School before earning his undergraduate degree from Illinois Wesleyan. After filling his medical residency at Brown University and performing training rotations in Beverly Hills and Miami, he realized the goals of those in the Midwest were more what he had in mind when he set out to be a plastic surgeon. He gladly returned to his hometown. Since then, he says, “I’ve had the opportunity to take care of so many prior teachers, principals, classmates, and their parents. When I was younger, I cared about people around me and tried to be responsible. Now, I have the chance to care for these people again as my patients.”
   Dr. Paige Holt also saw Bloomington-Normal as the place to put down roots. The fact that her husband was from here certainly aided in that decision. Meeting her husband while both were attending medical school at the University of Kentucky-College of Medicine, they decided to settle in Central Illinois specifically to start their new family around loved ones. “Our family typically spends every Sunday with our extended family,” she shares, “which makes for a full house when all the cousins and our in-laws are together.”
   Medical Practice Manager Nichole Barnett not only considers this area home but also believes TCPS is simply an extension of that home. Through her own family trials with cancer, she has found the doctors, nurses, and staff see the bigger picture — embracing the community as a grander, extended family unit. “They want to make a difference in their community,” she says. “So they see contributions, participation, and education as ways to ‘pay it forward.’”

Hope, happiness and charity
    While many equate plastic surgery with augmentation or simply tweaking imperfections, the family at TCPS instead focuses on the less superficial goals of restoration — more specifically, a restoration of health and happiness.

    While skilled in a wide variety of restorative techniques, dealing with the aftermath of cancer is perhaps where the staff at TCPS truly shines brightest. “While I perform a wide variety of procedures based on my patients’ needs,” Dr. Holt says, “I personally tend to do a lot of hand surgeries, breast reconstructions after cancer-related surgeries, and repairs after skin cancer procedures.”  Those same procedures are the mainstay of both Drs. Laura Randolph and Chad Tattini’s practices as well.

    Support for breast cancer research and, more importantly, those who suffer from the effects of breast cancer, is why TCPS gets involved in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on an annual basis.

    “The Komen race is probably the biggest event we do as an organization,” Nichole says. “We have a lot of patients who have undergone breast reconstruction that participate in the race — either running or walking. The physicians, staff, and their families all enjoy working at a water stop along the course on race day. We get to see so many patients — both current and former — that it’s like a big reunion.”

    Nichole understands that need for hope as her youngest son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of five. Her son spent two-and-a-half years fighting the disease and suffering through chemotherapy. For her son, the tireless efforts of those at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where he was treated, and the hope provided by the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a family trip to Alaska to mush sled dogs, helped carry him through.

    Although her son was diagnosed and treatment was completed before Nichole came to Twin City Plastic Surgery in January of 2013, the doctors continue to support St. Jude through the sponsorship of their annual telethon and Make-A-Wish through the Jeans for Wishes campaign — a time when staff can donate money to wear jeans each week through a specific month of the year.

    TCPS holds other connections to Make-A-Wish as Dr. Randolph’s nephew was also a recipient of their good work and Dr. Tattini has served on their Regional Board for many years. The doctors and the staff all see the benefits of contributing to a greater good — whether it’s through supporting the Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation and taking part in Women’s Health Night, sponsoring an event for the local chapter of the American Red Cross, or allowing Nichole to become an active member of the Bloomington-Normal Sunrise Rotary organization where she volunteers her time and is involved locally in many projects on behalf of Twin City Plastic Surgery.

Taking care of family
    While TCPS seeks to take care of each patient who walks in their doors, they know that taking proper care is not a short-term thing.
“Caring for a plastic surgery patient is a continuum,” believes Dr. Tattini. “You care for the whole person at the time of their procedure and look into the future for the care they need down the road.”

    Reliance upon one another during that long journey is paramount, shares Dr. Randolph. “We began our practice 14 years ago,” she says, “and we’ve definitely seen the benefits that a team approach has created for our patients over the years.”
 “There’s a lot of crossover between the procedures we perform, and we can confer with one another creating the best patient care possible,” Dr. Holt adds.
 The best patient care involves staying on the cutting edge of plastic surgery techniques. While the doctors at TCPS are well-versed in the older techniques and a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic procedures, they employ newer methods such as endoscopic, minimally invasive plastic surgery as well. Such newer methods reduce a patient’s recovery time, restoring them to their lives sooner.

    Restoring, supporting, and taking care of each other, their patients, and their community is what TCPS is all about. If the best way to sum up a family is by saying it a group of people who takes care of and supports one another, the doctors and staff at Twin City Plastic Surgery have a very large family indeed.
    The board-certified plastic surgeons at Twin City Plastic Surgery bring you the latest procedures and newest technologies, along with the attentive care and comfort you deserve. For more information on any procedure, you may contact Dr. Laura Randolph—309-664-6222, Dr. Chad Tattini—309-664-1007 or Dr. Paige Holt—309-664-4444 at Twin City Plastic Surgery or twincityplasticsurgery.com. Their office is located at 2502 E. Empire in Bloomington. Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; Friday, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.




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