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Martin's Home Furniture Legacy and Tradition

Martin’s Home Furniture is a living legacy filled with a tradition of value and honesty for four generations of the Martin family. Martin’s is located at 501 Chancellor Drive in Bloomington, Illinois, but its story begins in East Peoria in 1950 with first and second-generation owners and founders R.V. and Tom Martin, who brought heart and quality to their home furniture business. Brad Martin, third generation, is continuing this tradition since 2004 in Bloomington. Brad’s son is fourth generation and currently works in delivery. The Martin legacy is now 68 years old and stands strong and steadfast.

Accessible, affordable, and custom design
    Brad Martin explains how his family has stayed traditional in matters that count, yet modernized to stay relevant, and show you how accessible and affordable it is to custom shop at Martin’s.
    “We have a large showroom, with a full range of price points. People sometimes think it is out of reach to have custom design at an affordable price, but at Martin’s, we make that possible. We are basically a design shop that sells furniture,” says owner Brad. “We travel the state and other states in the Midwest and buy from over 80 vendors, such as Flex Steel and Bassett, and even Ashley Furniture.”
   At the starting point, a customer can walk in the large showroom and view hundreds of pieces of furniture, mattresses, upholstery, rugs, lamps, art, and sculptures. Many times, people have no clear picture of what they want and seeing the displays help plant the seed, and then the designers come in to help customize something unique for each client. Several of Martin’s designers have degrees in design, and some are just naturally gifted in design.

Customer choice with personable professional design
    Customers can choose from hundreds of colors and quality fabrics when shopping. Alterations can be made to sofas, loveseats, or chairs to help make the specific pieces perfectly adapted to individual homes.
    “We also offer a computer graphics program on several brands that allows the customer to view the potential choices of design on the screen ahead of time,” states Brad. Rendering programs show three-dimensional views of the designs to display textures, lighting, and image choices all together on a virtual screen.
    This specialty is another thing that helps separate Martin’s from megastores. It seems to be the perfect balance in meshing together the professional designer’s expertise into the pulse of the desires of the client. Once the family has made their designs, it typically takes around a month for their custom pieces to arrive. We then offer the free local delivery service within several miles of the store.
    “We pride ourselves on our design and delivery employees who are honest, good individuals. We know them incredibly well. Our staff is knowledgeable, fun, and professional. Our delivery employees are top notch, including my own son, who is fourth generation family working in the business,” says Brad.

Modern family time
    Trending now are custom dining room and kitchen tables, tabletops, benches and chairs. Everyone has busy schedules these days, and coming together at the family table is becoming more important than ever. Unplugging for awhile each day and coming together at the family table while eating, having conversations, doing projects, or playing games with each other means all the more in our hectic days. The family table can be a rustic wooden farm table with the perfect color or stain finish, or it can be an edgy modern table with a sleek design, and a custom bench or chairs suited to the family.

Welcome back
    The legacy of the 68-year-old Martin family business brings back generations of repeat customers. “We are prone to strong repeat business as we always bring our tradition of quality, value, good products, and service together,” says Brad.

    Martin’s Home Furniture 68-year-old business makes them a big part of their community. Peek at their Facebook page and you will see the five-star reviews come one after another of repeat customers who give testimonies of the customized quality furnishings and dealings with kind, approachable professional designers who help make a house a unique and special home. In this modern, hectic era we are living in, they offer furniture that brings the family together. Head to Bloomington and spend a day creating your new custom family room.
    Martin’s Home Furniture has been bringing our quality furniture to the local community for more than 40 years.  The entire Martin’s Home Furniture Team is extraordinary. Each is dedicated and trained in all facets of interior design. Come see for yourself. Our quality and service show. Located at 501 Chancelloor Dr. in Bloomington. For more information, visit MartinsHomeFurniture.com or call 309-662-7733. Quality is visible in our selection of merchandise and our service before and after your purchase.





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