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Bloomington Normal Area Home Builders Association Home Show

March 2,3,4, 2018
Everything for your Home under One Roof

Imagine a place where you can meet local business owners, gather inspiration for home and garden improvements, view and interact with spectacular displays of the latest on-trend designs, speak with professionals about the functional aspects of home ownership, and enjoy fun activities and affordable concessions for the whole family. Now, mark your calendars for March 2nd through the 4th, 2018 because such a place exists! And the best part? It’s all under one roof at the Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association Home Show inside Interstate Center in Bloomington, Illinois.

Hosted by the Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association (BNAHBA), the Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association Home Show has been bringing local businesses together since the 1960s. While the location has changed through the years, and the show has had its share of economic trials and growing pains, the premise remains the same. Lisa Kohn, executive officer of the Bloomington-Normal (IL) Home Builders Association, shares, “our mission is all about providing affordable public access to the local business owners who serve Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding communities. We provide the venue so our patrons and vendors may mingle and exchange ideas about their home needs and projects.”

The 2018 event will mark Lisa’s 19th year coordinating the largest annual show in McLean County. “The vendors have become like a second family to me. With 215 booths, we are large enough to fill the Interstate Center, yet we are small enough to provide ample opportunity for personalized attention at every booth.” The event offers easy access to all vendors on one level. There are four large rooms to visit, each filled with amazing displays showcasing the vendor’s goods and services. Visitors may find exactly what they are looking for, and in many cases, discover something completely new!

What to expect
The Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association Home Show provides a relaxed, family-friendly environment conducive to making connections and affords the opportunity to try new things through seminars and do-it-yourself clinics.

“Many of our visitors are considering some kind of remodeling project and are in the market for builders and contractors in addition to looking for creative ideas of their own,” shares Lisa. The 2018 line-up includes area professionals skilled in home building, remodeling, landscaping, painting, HVAC, pest-control, concrete design, deck and fencing, sunrooms, flooring, cabinets, bathroom, window treatments, closet organization, siding and windows, and lawn/tractor equipment. Visitors may also meet chiropractors, banking specialists, and home goods vendors at this year’s event.

“As Bloomington Normal Area Home Builders Association is also concerned with home safety and awareness, we are excited to share that this year the McLean County Volunteer Fire Department will host an interactive demonstration with fire safety tips,” shares Lisa. “This will be a fun, yet important activity for kids to experience.” Face-painting, balloon animals, and kid-friendly concessions will also be available throughout the entire weekend. Adult beverages will be available for purchase.

It’s all local
“Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding communities are rich with skilled and savvy business owners — large and small,” shares Lisa. The show features generations of businesses represented, some of which have been in the Bloomington-Normal community since the early 1950s, like Tarvin’s Culligan (a water conditioning business) owned by third-generation Kourtney Tarvin. Many small businesses are featured as well. Each offering the unique opportunity for in-person greetings and exploration of their brands.

“I’m proud to share that I’ve been a part of the show for over a decade,” shares Andrea Flairty, president of Storage Options and Solutions in Bloomington, Illinois. “I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet new people, connect with previous clients, and showcase how our solutions may transform nearly any spot in a home — including the garage.” Andrea is known as “The Closet Lady” and has become a staple of the event. Her booth features select displays as inspiration for many custom solutions available to organize and maximize space.
Heather McGrew, owner of Drapery Décor in Bloomington, shares, “the ability for me to meet potential clients face-to-face to explain my brand and services has afforded me to grow from a one-person business to now myself and three employees.” Heather shares, “visitors are amazed to learn that we sew our own draperies and bedding based upon the fabric our clients select. This is an important part of our business to convey as we pride ourselves on our hand-made and custom designs.”

“Several years ago, my wife and I visited the show by suggestion of the late Ron Powell,” shares Bloomington resident Jeff Doerr. Ron was a prominent homebuilder in our community, and had built Doerr’s home in an east-side subdivision. Doerr shares, “We were in need of some inspiration to personalize our home and make it our own. We met with a landscaping company and interacted with their display of landscape border. With new construction we were in need of curb appeal. We discovered something completely different from what we were looking for — and we are so glad that we did!” 

Benefits to the community
By now, I hope we have demonstrated that the Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association Home Show 2018 is a treasure trove of opportunities to relax, explore, inspire, and meet business professionals for nearly every aspect of your home. It can be a family outing, so no need to find a sitter. What’s more, is that a portion of the proceeds from the annual event allows the Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association the ability to give back to our community in some pretty amazing ways! The BNAHBA is committed to providing community projects to the area. Past projects include a new bridge at the Easter Seals Camp, shelters in Miller Park Spray Park and on various bike trails, a complete remodel of the Red Panda Exhibit, the Poisonous Reptile Exhibit, and most recently, a new home for a python and various other small creatures at Miller Park Zoo.

The Bloomington-Normal Area Home Builders Association Home Show 2018 is your one stop for fresh ideas from a myriad of home professionals. No matter which part of your house you plan to update, the event will provide you with many of the necessary products and services — all in one place. In return, you will save time (and perhaps money) as you plan your next home project.



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