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Exceptional Experience

Affluent homeowners should ensure their security system is on the same level playing field as their property’s size, value, and complexity. Your piece of mind is worth a call to Rockstar AVS — don't trust just any security with your property. Rockstar AVS is a high-caliber system suited for your luxury home!

Origination of Rockstar AVS
    Owner Robert Brown has an extensive resume, including a degree in Engineering and Technology, and a lengthy career working with cutting-edge technology and security systems. Robert speaks the language of a tech guru, but he also has the ability to easily translate technology and security systems to his clientele.

Bringing knowledge to power!
    Robert opened Rockstar AVS back in 2015, bringing his career and education into a company in which he puts his heart and soul. Brown has worked with audio, video, and automated lighting systems since the age of 18.
    “Our company offers the best of the best within this industry for our clientele,” states Brown. “I enjoy the wow factor of our home theaters and entertainment designs. we also provide integrated security to protect the client’s investment and, more importantly, the family within the home.”

Luxury custom technology and high-grade security in Central Illinois!
    Rockstar AVS caters to people who live and work in luxury homes and businesses. “We offer customized security systems — military-grade and luxury custom technology formats for high-end homes and their entertainment and lifestyle needs,” says Robert. Rockstar offers cutting-edge services emphasizing quality over quantity. Brown states, “You will not be able to receive the equipment and services we offer on Amazon. We offer a 24-hour call center and on-call technicians for emergencies. Our employees stay on task with our client’s needs.”

App-controlled smart home living made easy
    For homes small, large, new, or old, Rockstar AVS installations bring a modern style with attention to detail. Custom-designed systems coordinate the technology in your house into a complete experience that fits your lifestyle and is easy for your family to enjoy. With a single touch, you can dim your lights, stream high-resolution music, adjust your thermostat, lock the doors, and arm the security system. Not at home? Not a problem! You can check in on cameras and even see who’s ringing the doorbell from wherever you are. It’s a living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Rockstar AVS is able to individually customize installations to your needs and desires.

Who are the Rockstars? Our customers and our employees!
    “This company is named after our employees. We always call our employees Rockstars for their skills, qualifications, and the strict Illinois qualifications and background checks employees must pass to work for us. We bring our quality employees together with our clients to make fine living smooth and comfortable. Our Rockstars bring the utmost professionalism and obligate themselves to our clientele. Our Rockstars must get security clearance with a mandatory PERC Card. We often have to pass by potential employees to maintain our strict and disciplined guidelines for who ultimately becomes our Rockstar family.” states Robert.

Smart homes rock!
    The mobile app provides secure access to your home while you’re away. Clients can monitor cameras, lock the doors, adjust the temperature, close the garage door, control the lighting, and arm or disarm the security system from virtually anywhere in the world using an iOS or Android mobile device, or even an Apple Watch.
    Building a home? Tell your builder you want the Rockstar team to design, wire, and install technology and entertainment in your new home. Wiring a home properly with advance planning in mind is key. Technology is always evolving, and the past ten years have been on hyper drive. Gigabyte data speed transfers and audio/video streaming need to travel on the correct category of wire to work properly. Their network designs take the ISP (Internet Service Providers) signal into the home on shielded category wire and convert it to a robust WIFI network with hidden access spread evenly with no weak spots or range issues.
    Rockstar AVS designs will complement your home and take the worry away from you, the homeowner. They create custom drivers to operate your home’s security, entertainment, appliances, and more. Rockstar AVS also customizes voice controls for executing tasks simply by telling your home the command. They take your home and make it a luxurious smart home and leave it comfortable, wireless, and convenient.

Commercial installs!
    Rockstar AVS has installed card-access entry systems for schools, government buildings, and law enforcement. We also specialize in gated entry systems with intercom and video interfaces.
    “Whether indoor, outdoor, home, or business, Rockstar Audio Video & Integrated Security has a solution to meet your needs. Our priority is listening to the client’s goals and exceeding their expectations. We establish lifelong relationships with our customers that give them peace of mind knowing they have quality products and state-of-the-art technology installed by the Rockstar team they trust.”

Everyone needs music in their life!
    Robert and his company also help bring moments of quality into the lives of our families and businesses. Installation of a sound system and home movie theater creates cherished quality family time or romantic date nights. We are living fast-paced lives, and Rockstar AVS helps families spend their time relaxing. Whether it is in a smart home or inside a restaurant, they bring the changes to our homes that help us relax and truly love, laugh, and unwind.
    Rockstar is there, side-by-side, with our family and businesses with quick and professional service, with a reputation for connecting the clients’ desires with exactly what they are looking for to enhance their surroundings. A family moving across the country to Bloomington sings praises of Rockstar employees with five-star reviews. Some themes in these reviews highlight the courteous, professionalism, quickness, and kindness of employees.
    “We thoroughly enjoy what Robert and Rockstar bring while we are watching a championship game in our mancaves or making memories hanging out with friends at a local restaurant, cheering on our favorite sports teams. We enjoy the sound systems bringing entertainment into our lives, further connecting this family owned company into our daily living.”

    Rockstar Audio Video & Integrated Security serves the Bloomington Normal and surrounding areas. For more information, visit RockStarAVS.com. If you are starting a home theater project, or interested in security cameras for your home or business, Call 309-268-0640 to schedule a free consultation.


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