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Natalie Galligan - Shoo Shoo Baby Boutique

We all know the retail business has been changing dramatically over the past decade or so, with the trends sending more shoppers online. Lifestyles have been changing as well, leaving people overscheduled and seeking shortcuts to get errands and tasks done by a few clicks of a button. Boutique stores are definitely bucking this trend in tremendous strides, and I invite you to come and learn about one dynamic and wonderful entrepreneur named Natalie Galligan, owner of Shoo Shoo Baby, a women’s fashion boutique, located at 203 North Prospect Road in Bloomington.


Introducing Natalie Galligan, owner of Shoo Shoo Baby Boutique Natalie Galligan took a leap of faith in 2009, leaving behind working for big corporations and the State of Illinois toopen up a small boutique clothing store in August of 2009. She named it Shoo Shoo Baby. Natalie named her boutique after the plane her late father-in-law flew in Europe during World War II. Shoo Shoo Baby was also a popular song in this era sung by the Andrews Sisters.

Natalie states her husband Mick is always a boost behind her efforts, listening and bouncing ideas off one another. Ultimately, Natalie makes all of the decisions, but was glowing while discussing the family structure, foundation, and support behind her personal success as the owner of a very special boutique and as an independent entrepreneur.

What is Shoo Shoo Baby?
Shoo Shoo Baby is a women’s fashion boutique that sells clothing and accessories that are trendy, but that have enduring quality and practicality. “We try to have very good, quality products,” says owner Natalie. “I choose solid companies who stand behind their products, yet I am also able to experiment and take fresh risks with new companies as well to stay fresh.”


Natalie states that a remarkable quality of boutique shopping is quality over quantity. “I do all of the buying and ordering, so we are able to bring in wonderful, unique details in all of the individual pieces to our store.”

What can you find at Shoo Shoo Baby?
“The clothing has to be soft and comfortable, or I won’t sell it. I am very careful about fabrics and how they feel against the skin and body,” states Natalie. “Women are on the go from early in the morning until the evening, and want fabrics that have the feel of comfort.”

“Plaid patterns and bell sleeves are everywhere and on everything this year, including sweaters, shirts, and dresses. Layering is a trend that is sticking around, and all of our clothing has a little extra something to it! We will have a denim jacket over a little tee but the shirt will have citadel sleeves. The fringe style from last year has grown into larger tassels and are all over the place from clothing, jackets, bombers, jewelry, and bags,” says Natalie. “Colors trending are mustard, the deep-wine burgundy, army green, and burnt orange.”

Who shops at Shoo Shoo Baby?
“We offer something for almost every woman. We want women to come into our store and to find something that makes them feel special, excited, and happy to wear. I do not want any woman to feel intimidated. We will make you feel like family here, as well as my Puggle, Lulu, who is trained in boutique etiquette and is at Shoo Shoo almost daily,” she says. “We carry lines that range from moderate to upper end, with many affordable choices.”

Natalie is on scene and also on point!
Natalie has an artistic soul with an analytical business mind. “I have always wanted to work with and for women. I have figured out that I have a knack or an instinct for sensing what style and merchandise will suit a particular woman that comes into the boutique. I want them to feel amazing and love what they are purchasing.”

She designed the interior of the original and the current store, and it looks beautiful with an amazing energy to it. She loves putting different elements together as a “bigger picture,” and that shows prominently throughout her store along with the many glowing reviews and successes of her business.

Her analytical capacity and corporate background influence her growing success and expanding business. She says she relied on pure instincts the first several years when she took that giant leap of faith, but for the last four years, Natalie says she hired a company out of Chicago to focus more on the statistical analysis side. “I have all kinds of plans [and] goals, and this company from Chicago analyzes all of my inventory and sales numbers and tells me exactly where to do my ordering,” says Natalie.

Where can you find Natalie Galligan and Shoo Shoo Baby Boutique?
Shoo Shoo Baby Boutique is located at 203 N. Prospect Rd. in Bloomington, Illinois and can be contacted at 309-663-6292. Shoo Shoo Baby is open Monday through Saturday, with hours running Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

Natalie is also opening up an online-only boutique inspired by her Puggle, Lulu, called Lulu Louise Boutique.com, which will be a separate and complete online store with plans to expand into a mobile boutique as well.


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