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Helping Families Design A Finer Future

We definitely aren’t short on insurance agents in this town.

In fact, it’s probably crossed your mind how difficult it would

be stand out in Bloomington-Normal if selling insurance is your
career of choice. So, how do you do it?


Well, if you’re Jeremy Bradley, you take years of law enforcement experience, add a passion for business, a love for your community, and a desire to help others, and you’re well on your way to success. Jeremy only joined COUNTRY Financial last November as a representative, but he is already considered a trusted and beloved professional in our community. A quick glance at his previous occupations might make you wonder how a former McLean County Deputy and School Resource Officer ended up in the world of insurance. If you ask Jeremy, these two industries aren’t that different. According to him, helping people lies at the core of both groups, which made moving from police brown to COUNTRY green an easy transition.

What drew you to the insurance industry?
When I was with the Sheriff’s Department, I was the president of our union and was able to build relationships with people in different organizations within our community. I really enjoyed being involved in different events and getting to know people through that work, and I’ve always been interested in the business side of things. I was often told by others that I would be a good fit as an insurance representative. When I heard that a representative spot had opened up in town at COUNTRY Financial, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to fuel my interest in business, allow me to continue to help people, and find out if everyone was right. Turns out they were; I love this job.

What’s the best way to gain a client?
I think just by being yourself. People want real. They want someone who is honest and who will do all they can to make the process as easy as possible. People need to know that you have their best interest at heart. I want the same thing when I do business with others, so that part just makes sense. My target market includes family, friends, neighbors, and referrals. I believe if I treat them how I want to be treated, then I probably have a pretty good shot at gaining a new client. That’s only half the battle though. I strive to build those relationships, be available to answer questions, discuss new situations, assist during the claims process, and really put value in the service side of the relationship. That’s how you win the battle to keep a client.
Cold calling is a thing of the past. What’s the best way to reach clients today?
The best way to reach clients today is to find ways to connect with folks on an ongoing basis. There is also great value in social media. It’s a quick and relatively simple way to reach many people at once.

What is that the most rewarding part of the job for you?
I really am enjoying my career as a COUNTRY representative, and I think that shows in my relationships and work. Helping people plan for their financial future is so important, particularly when you consider the impact it has on a family.

I love that I get to work with people on a daily basis and provide them with a product that I feel good about. When I help someone plan for what might happen down the road, I help solidify their future while removing some of the worry. Getting people to look past today to prepare for 10, 20, or 30 years from now can also be the hardest part of the job. You have to meet with them in person, thoroughly explain their options, and show them examples so they fully understand what is at risk if they don’t have a plan in place. The relationships I have built through this job are definitely rewarding. I truly appreciate the people who have trusted me to help them with their needs and the referrals they send my way.
What’s the most important thing people should know about insurance in general?
That not all insurance is the same. I hear this all the time, “well, they said I have full coverage.” Yes, you may have full coverage but take a close look your coverage and liability limits. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent what kind of coverage they have and if they would feel comfortable with the coverages they are signing you up for. There have been plenty of times where I have told people I don’t feel comfortable writing certain coverages. From there, I help break everything down and explain to them why coverage A may be better for them than coverage B.
Your family plays a big role in your life. Tell us a little about them.
My wife, Emily, and I will celebrate our 9-year anniversary this September. We have three amazing kids, Cameron, Lucy, and Rory. Cameron and Lucy are five-year-old twins, and Rory will be two at the end of August. We are a pretty active family and love doing things together. The weekdays are typically busy, so we strive to make the most of our time together during the evenings and weekends. We also have family in the area and consider ourselves blessed that they’re close by.

You’re very involved in the Bloomington-Normal community. What are some ways you give back to this area?
We enjoy many of the great things Bloomington-Normal has to offer, like activities for the kids, local events, the parks, and the Constitution Trail. We shop and eat at many local establishments and donate to charities and organizations that rely on the community to stay afloat. One of our favorite local spots is Denny’s Doughnuts and Bakery. This spring, I delivered Denny’s Doughnuts to several local schools to show appreciation for all the hard work they do. I had a ton of requests after the word got out on my deliveries, so I'll plan on picking this back up once school starts. I have personally devoted time to many area committees, helping with fundraising and other duties. Most recently, I sponsored my son’s baseball team. Let me tell you, watching a group of five to seven-year-olds learn the game of baseball has been quite entertaining. I’ve really enjoyed coaching Cameron and his friends.

What causes are important to you?
During my time in the Sheriff’s Department as president of our union, I developed the Deputies on Deck fundraiser in order to raise money for the Special Olympics of Illinois. Though I’m in a new position, I continue to support this annual event that has such a powerful impact on so many people. I also work closely with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Baby Fold, and school safety programs. Raising breast cancer awareness and money through the Susan G. Komen foundation is a cause that has personal meaning to my family. Breast cancer has touched so many of our friends and family, and we look forward to supporting this cause here locally this year.

It’s clear that Jeremy is not just in the insurance industry to sell policies; he wants to build relationships with his clients, invest in his community, and be someone people know they can count on. Jeremy loves what he does so much, he advertises daily by driving around in his COUNTRY Financial wrapped car. If you see him out and about, stop him and say hello. He’ll not only be your friend, he’ll coach your kid’s baseball team, help your organization with fundraising, meet you for dinner at a local eatery, and help you plan your future.*

If you would like a review of your homeowner’s insurance, give Jeremy Bradley, COUNTRY Financial representative a call at 309-820-9598. He is happy to explain coverage and premium options!

*Please note that this article is not a statement of contract and does not guarantee that Jeremy Bradley will coach your kid’s baseball team, help your organization with fundraising, or meet you for dinner at a local eatery. He would be more than happy to do all of these things for you, but he is only one person and his wife and family get first dibs on his time. He will, however, gladly help you plan for your future.


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