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Reasons to Love Plantation Shutters

Do I have plantation shutters in my home? Yes, I do. And I absolutely love them!” says, Lisa Kohn of Bloomington.


Plantation Window Shutters are wooden interior shutters with open louvers in a variety of widths and styles. The louvers are moveable, allowing you to adjust for light and privacy. The name “plantation” stems from the Old South. In modern day, plantation shutters are gaining popularity for interior design as they offer a clean, contemporary appearance.

Plantation shutters are popular for their neat and clean appearance. They may be ordered in single or double tiers (which work independently from one another — allowing for flexibility and comfort). A quality shutter is constructed from the finest of woods and is built to last for decades.


“Ever since we built our home seven years ago, I have wanted plantation shutters in our home,” shares Lisa. “At the time, I was focused on managing our budget and I wasn’t ready to make the commitment. Now that we have shutters in three rooms of my home, my only regret is that I did not have them installed sooner.” Lisa adds that she worked with Bridget Mote, owner of The Well Dressed Window.


“What wowed me from the beginning is that Bridget was very patient with me. She brought samples into my home — multiple times! The samples are big enough to make a decision you can feel confident about. This was very helpful, as I am always a bit nervous when it comes to home design decisions. We talked about the best size and position for the shutters. She even moved chairs around the window in the reading room as we discussed whether or not the shutters should open to the left or right.”


So, what were Lisa’s main reasons for choosing plantation shutters over other window treatments?


1. Windows look complete without additional curtains or valences. They are polished and beautiful on their own. Lisa shared that they completed the look in her rooms.


2. Ease in cleaning. Traditional blinds are notorious for being cumbersome to clean — plantation shutters don’t fall into that category. “I just close the blinds and dust them off, it’s so easy and takes no time at all!” says Lisa.


3. No cords or strings! With 11 grandchildren and a 12th on the way, this was very important to Lisa. There are no cords to harm a child.


4. Light when you want it, dark when you want it. Lisa commented multiple times how she controlled the amount of light she could let in the house. They could be adjusted throughout the day and into the evening for privacy and even protecting furniture and flooring against fading.


5. Energy efficient. “They work incredibly well at insulating our home!” With a new home, Lisa has great windows, but she was surprised at just how well they keep the cold out and the heat in.

“Now that we have plantation shutters in our reading room, along the stairs leading to the second floor, and the master bedroom, I could not be more pleased with our decision to install them,” claims Lisa. “From the moment I enter the driveway, I am in love with the way they look from the outside. I’m even more thrilled by the visual appeal from the inside.”


As a final bit of advice, Lisa suggests installing the shutters street side first. “ You will fall in love with the view! And, you can rest easy knowing that you may never have to replace the window treatments again.”


For more information, you may contact Bridget Mote, owner, “The Well Dressed Window” at 309-275-3165, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . She provides personalized service to help clients choose the perfect window treatments along with professional installation.



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