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What to Wear: Holiday Edition

It’s the hap-happiest season of all, with those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings, but what in the heck are you going to wear? Never fear, the family at Bremer Jewelry is here to make sure whatever the “happy meeting,” you are accessorized with enviable style and sophistication. Think inside the box!

Casual gatherings

First up, let’s take a look at the most common type of holiday gathering — the casual one. We’re talking neighborhood brunch, the cozy family visit at your parent’s house, or the holiday open house at your kids’ school. You need to be comfy, but classy. The easiest way to pull this off is to pair a comfortable casual outfit and good-quality accessories with a bit of sparkle. We suggest a Shinola watch with a pop of fun color to match your favorite sweater; classic and casual diamond-stud earrings; and an edgy, stackable diamond ring. Finally, add a conversation starter like our popular To the Moon and Back crescent moon necklace inspired by America’s hit TV show, This Is Us.

Office party

Dreading the annual office party? Don’t! Embrace it as an opportunity to shed your normal workday wear in favor of an outfit that packs some extra punch. Kick it up a notch with a sexy animal print. Get your wiggle on with a flattering pencil skirt. Then, add some gorgeous jewelry that will show off your sparkly side! A glittery right-hand ring, enviable timepiece, and modern bangle bracelet will have you talking with your hands all night long. Add some shimmering ear candy and a necklace to frame that amazing smile. Your coworkers might wonder, “Who’s the new hire?”

Formal feast

Holidays are a favorite time for charity galas and formal weddings. It’s not every day that the dress code says “black tie” so embrace the occasion and get your glam on! Satin, chiffon, velvet, faux fur, and sparkles. We think the holidays are the perfect time to break out a gorgeous and eye-catching jewel tone like an amazing tourmaline and diamond pendant from Simon G. Grace, a glittering diamond bracelet, and hoops featuring The World’s Perfectly Cut Diamonds. Add a final flourish like Henri Daussi’s five-stone halo band and show them how it’s done!


Ugly sweater party

Ugly sweaters, unite! Whether you decorate your own, thrift something vintage, or borrow from your parents, you’ll want to check that crazy with some solid style. It’s all about not taking yourself too seriously, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear some pretties. Reach for some modern geometric dangle earrings and a shimmery necklace from PANDORA Shine™. Les Georgettes has the perfectly coordinated cuff bracelet and your trusty Shinola will let you politely check the time without phubbing anyone.


Selecting the perfect piece of jewelry can seem intimidating, but our family will take the time to get to know you, ask all the right questions, and teach you at a comfortable pace. Our jewelry associates in Bloomington-Normal and Peoria will take all the time you need or want.

Located at 105 Krispy Kreme Dr., Bloomington and 4707 N. University St., Peoria. Visit BremerJewelry.com or call 309-552-9700.

You deserve the best experience in Central Illinois.



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