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Stylish Jeans Are a Staple of Fall Fashion

Denim jeans are an important fashion staple. Jeans can work as casual wear but also work when paired with a blazer or button-down shirt.

While denim will always be a part of many people’s wardrobes, the styles of jeans come and go. Certain cuts and colors will always be popular. By scouring the runways and keeping their eyes peeled on designers’ latest offerings, budding fashionistas may find they can have a lot of fun with denim.


Cropped jeans, which end at or about the ankle, have been a fan favorite for a while. Cropped styles are available from designers, but DIYers can create this look themselves with a sharp pair of scissors. Showing some ankle is chic, and these jeans pair well with just about any shoe, whether it’s a ballet flat, sandal, stiletto, or sneaker.

Mom jeans

The mom jean trend is going strong. Mom jeans are mid wash, non-stretch, straight-leg jeans that tend to have high waists. They’re just about everywhere right now. Because they’re timeless, investing in a pair means being able to pull them out every couple of years and being right on trend.

Full-length flairs

Remember the boot-cut jeans of the 1990s? Today’s incarnations are a little more flared and boast a groovy appeal, borrowing a little from the flower-power styles of decades ago. These full-length favorites can work well with a little heel. When done in a dark wash, they easily can be dressed up for a night out. Many straight-leg and flared varieties are now being embellished with high-rise waists and button flies for even more styling power.

Skinny jeans

The popularity of skinny jeans shows little signs of slowing down. A comfortable blend of denim and stretch, these jeans hug curves and taper at the ankle. Ideal for fall, they easily tuck into tall boots or can be cuffed and worn with shorter booties or ballet flats. Less rigid than mom jeans, they’re cozy enough to feel like yoga pants, but look more tailored when stepping out.

Jeans are here to stay with ever-evolving styles. Check out the newest offerings from popular designers like Eve Denim, Rag & Bone, Slvrlake, Sea, 3x1, and much more.

Come visit Refine 309 at 200 W. Monroe Street, Suite 101, Bloomington for your fall staples. Visit Refine309.com or call 309.585.4982 for more information.




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