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Keeping Memories Alive & Close to Your Heart

Losing a loved one is by far one of the most difficult times we will all have to experience in our lives. Keeping their memories close to our hearts is an important part of the healing process. Looking at pictures of happy times or everyday items that remind us of a loved one can increase the production of serotonin, which regulates our mood and even decreases depression.

There are many ways we often keep these precious memories around, like keeping pictures around the house, having a teddy bear made out of your loved one’s favorite shirt, or even planting a memorial tree. However, the best way to keep your memories alive is by wearing them where you can keep them closest to you, either on your wrist or hanging on a chain close to your heart.

There are many ways loved ones can be incorporated into your jewelry:


• Handwriting jewelry: You can have your loved ones actual handwriting engraved into a bracelet, necklace, or ring. My father’s signature is something I would recognize anywhere. “Tom” and his letter “T” that ran half way across the page. Signatures are one of a kind, unique to each individual, and something we never forget.


• Fingerprint jewelry: These days, many funeral homes, upon request, will take digital fingerprints. You can use those prints to have memorial jewelry engraved, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and key chains. For many who have lost someone special, rubbing and feeling the texture of the fingerprint brings comfort them, similar to a spinner or fidget ring.


• Flower petal jewelry: You can have beads or charms made out of memorial flowers, or even flowers you have kept in the past from your loved one. I have a beautiful ring made from my granny’s 100th birthday party, something I will always smile about.


• Repurposing their jewelry: You can have new items created out of their jewelry by melting it down and using it for a new piece of jewelry, or you can have several different pieces made for each of their children or grandchildren. You can also simply have their ring resized to fit you.


• Picture jewelry: You can engrave a photo into a charm or even create a bracelet or necklace out of an actual photo.

It’s easy to incorporate a loved one into your everyday jewelry in unique ways. When you think about it, women especially, wear jewelry everyday. Carrying these happy memories of a loved one around with you each day can help you stay connected to someone that has passed and serve as a daily reminder of their love.
By the Lake Designs specializes in custom jewelry pieces that are truly one of a kind. Take a peak by visiting bythelakedesigns.com or stop in our store located at 212 S. Seminary Street, Downs. For additional information, call 309-275-3438.


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