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Home Furnishings Creating the Custom Look You Want!

Have you ever thumbed through magazines like House Beautiful or Better Homes and Gardens and thought, “I wish my home could look like that?” Or, perhaps while viewing popular home design television channels like HGTV, you found yourself daydreaming about the comfort and style on screen, only to quickly shoo away the idea because it “looks” too expensive. Creating a custom look in your home — much like we see in the media — can be affordable and attainable. Here’s how:

Share what you have in mind with an interior designer
“Our clients sometimes express concern over trying to recreate a style they’ve seen in the media, but not seeing the exact setup on the showroom floor,” shares Sarah Sears, interior design consultant at Martin’s Home Furnishings in Bloomington. Her tips for collaborating with a designer for success in achieving the look you desire include the following:


1. Share the media with the designer. If there is a design you’ve simply fallen in love with in a magazine — take it to the store with you! If you have seen it on the Internet, capture the web address and share it with the designer. Looking at the design together will spark creativity. Be certain to discuss your likes and dislikes to maximize the custom design discussion.


2. Use your smartphone camera. Whenever you see a design that you like, snap a photo and save it so you can share it with a designer for inspiration.


3. Television shows can be a bit more of a challenge, but recreating the style is definitely possible. Martin’s Home Furniture has an HGTV showroom in store, featuring the Bassett line of furniture. “This will help customers visualize and experiment with creating the home design they so admire,” shares Sears.

Think outside the box — be creative!
The floor settings and furniture groupings that you may see in a store are often very matched and coordinated. Typically, there’s something in the set that doesn’t quite fit with the design you have in mind for your home. “While furniture groupings on the showroom floor can be a great place to start, we work with our clients to customize the look for their home by giving them the personal attention they deserve,” shares Sears. “Colors, fabric, finish, and styles present thousands of options — it takes some time, but nearly any look is attainable.” Let’s say you like everything about a sofa but one element. Why not order it and change the thing you don’t like? Manufacturers, like Bassett, Rowe, Drexel Heritage, and Flexsteel offer custom furniture options, including upholstered beds, ottomans, benches, sofas, sectionals, and dining sets.


Another way to branch out and away from a matched set is to mix and match within a grouping. “We are seeing an increase in styles where painted accents are added in place of solid wood pieces — coffee or side tables, for instance.” Accent colors on chairs, pillows, throws, etc. can also be subtle enough of a change to get closer to the look you envision. “Adding color or patterns that coordinate with the clients personal style and home setting can really make a difference,” states Sears.

It may look expensive, but it does not have to be
Interior designers have a virtual toolbox they can use to assist their customers with attaining the custom look they have in mind without breaking the bank. They are versed in experimenting with fabric and styles that can be beautiful, yet still within your budget. In general, they know how to take an idea and help fulfill a home-furnishing dream. Last but not least, financing options are available to make the custom look both affordable and attainable.


Martin’s Home Furniture is located near the corner of Hershey Avenue and Eastland Drive in Bloomington at 501 Chancellor Drive. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00am to 8:00pm, and Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. For more information about their products and services, please call 309-662-7733 or visit martinshomefurniture.com.


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