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Jewelry Trends

Fashion trends change often, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with them. However, in the jewelry industry, many of the current trends and designs make it easy to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends without replacing everything you have in your jewelry box.

Stack em’ up
One of the most popular jewelry trends is layering your jewelry. Bracelets are simple and “charming” (pun intended). You can wear the ever-so-popular expandable charm bracelets, which come in silver, gold, and rose-gold colors, add in a leather wrap bracelet and add another chunky cuff bracelet with a colored stone to match your outfit. They can be worn separately or changed up daily for a different look without having to have a different piece to match each outfit. One looks great and so do 10.


Stackable rings are by far one of my favorite trends for 2018. They can be simple, tiny, large, have gem stones in different shapes, they can even have your children’s names on them! You can wear them alone, or choose a different combination everyday. Don’t be afraid to mix the metals up: silver, gold, and rose gold look fabulous together and go with just about anything in your closet.

Layer, layer, layer
A few necklaces worn together can create many different looks. This allows you to add some color and dimension and still wear that meaningful necklace that you love to wear. Bold, dainty, long, or short — whatever your heart desires. Matching your jewelry to your outfit everyday is out; matching your personality is in. So, wear the pieces you already have and love and layer them up something new; the possibilities are endless!


Get excited! Gold is making a come back! The rich color of yellow gold is breathtaking with any color outfit, especially everyone’s go-to color, black. Take a quick shopping trip trough your mother’s jewelry box and get the gold back out, it’s here to stay for a while.


Another favorite current jewelry trend is oval and teardrop-shaped stones. Oval stones are absolutely stunning, with brilliance similar to a round stone and the same simple elegance. I’m not just talking about diamonds, have you ever seen a morganite? You will be seeing a lot of this stone this year, ranging in color from light peach to medium pink. They look amazing with rose gold and, of course, diamonds. For all you February girls, this is your year — Amethyst is in, and it’s beautiful!


Don’t be afraid to change it up everyday and play with your own style, mix the old with the new. Have a little fun looking gorgeous!
By the Lake Designs specializes in custom jewelry pieces that are truly one of a kind. Take a peak by visiting bythelakedesigns.com or stop in our store. Located at 214 S. Semina Street, Downs. For additional information, call 309-275-3438.



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