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Love Your Jewelry & the Story It Tells

The next time you are standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, glance over at jewelry worn by the elderly woman in front of you. What is she wearing? A wedding ring. Pearl earrings. A charm bracelet. A necklace with a pendant and a tiny angel wing. If you asked her about each piece, I have a strong feeling she would have so many wonderful memories to share with about each one.

    She might tell you her diamond ring was from her first and only love; the man she married when she was just 16 years old — a time when they had little money so he gave her a thin gold band. Her husband had the band melted down so he could incorporate it into the ring they were married with. He gave her a new ring for their 50th wedding anniversary. A ring with six small diamonds, one for each of her children and a large diamond representing how much their love has grown over the years.
    She might tell you her earrings were given to her by her father on her wedding day, and that they were passed down from his mother. Her father has long since passed away, but she has cherished those earrings for they are the only keepsakes she still has from her father.
    Her charm bracelet has 12 charms, each with a name on it, each with a birthstone. These represent her 12 grand and great-grandchildren, When she looks at it, it reminds her to count her blessings every day.
    Her necklace has a small angel wing and a pendant with her son’s fingerprint engraved on it; he was her youngest son who fought in the war and died for our freedom. The necklace keeps him close to her heart where she can see a part of him and feel him with her.
    Keeping the things and people who are valued and loved close to us can bring so much joy, happiness, and even comfort to our lives. There are many types of custom jewelry that can be created for this purpose.
• Celebrating the birth of your children with a name charm and birthstone necklace
• Remembering that sweet handwriting the first time your child wrote his name by having it engraved into a charm exactly how they wrote it
• Giving a baptism necklace or keychain customized with the special date they chose to follow Jesus.
• A bracelet with words of encouragement for a friend who is going though a hard time
• Melting down your grandmother’s and grandfather’s rings to make a pendant for you to wear in their honor and their memory
• A pendant or keychain engraved with your lost loved one’s fingerprint
• Using flower petals from your wedding to make earrings for your bridesmaids
• Making a ring for your husband with a saying in it that only he will understand
• Creating a graduation ring for your college graduate to tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments

    Custom jewelry is a gift that will be remembered, and the stories will be shared and live on for those who wear it. Remember, the beauty of jewelry isn’t always the shine or brilliance, it is the beauty of those memories and the love we have for those whom it represents.

    By the Lake Designs specializes in custom jewelry pieces that are truly one of a kind. Take a peak by visiting bythelakedesigns.com or stop in our store. Located at 212 S. Semina Street, Downs. For additional information, call 309-275-3438.



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