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Baby Love

That darling bundle may arrive with nothing of their own, but that won’t last for long. Baby accessories are adorable and hard to resist. With so many new innovations in textiles and processes, new baby gear can solve problems you don’t even know you have yet.

    A great example is the Neckerchew. This ingenious tool is part bib, part drool blanket, and part teething toy. The colorful, soft cotton neckerchief has velcro tabs to keep it in place, giving your tot a playful Wild West look. The real magic is the absorbent cotton jersey fabric that keeps a teething toddler clean and dry while a soft textured teething triangle at the tip of the bandana provides the baby with handy teething toy. It’s brilliant. I just wish I’d thought of it first.
    Protecting a baby’s eyes can be a challenge when the little one tosses off every hat you put on their sweet head. Give Babiators a try. These baby Aviator sunglasses are made of a soft, textured plastic that bends easily and are designed for comfort. Our moms say that not only do their little ones forget they have the glasses on, some beg to wear them all day. 100 percent UV and UVA protective coatings keep babies eyes safe and they look too cute for words.
    Studies have shown it’s never too early to start reading. Choosing books with colorful pictures and clear, easy-to-read sight words give your baby a head start with language skills and can create a wonderful nap or bedtime ritual. Designed to remain favorites as your child grows and develops, the Jellycat book series have pop-ups or textured fabrics embedded in the book creating engaging story time moments that help children use multiple senses to gather information. They have also made the silkiest, softest plush toys we’ve ever found to pair with each book, providing a cozy, cuddly way to bring the books to life. Always remember to read aloud with enthusiasm and energy. If you have fun, your baby will have fun too.
    Then there are the clothes. Every teeny, tiny baby outfit is adorable, but remember to look for clothes that work for your baby life. Soft fabrics are essential, especially around the delicate neck and thigh areas. Simple, easy closures and soft, stretchy fabrics that can move easily enough to do a quick diaper change, but hold their shape and stay put without binding elastic are also improtant. Remember to keep the whimsy and fun. The bright colors and bold patterns of the Izzy and Owie line can be a fun change from pastel hues, and their sassy, funny baby tees can help you keep your sense of humor when you’re exhausted.
    Baby life is hard, and it’s the best. So, enjoy every minute and look for tools that will make your life easier by keeping your baby comfortable, learning, and engaged.
    Uptown Gifts is Normal’s best-kept secret! Located just two blocks east of the Illinois State University Campus on North Street, Uptown Gifts has the perfect gift for absolutely everyone! Call us at 309-452-7999 with questions or if you wish to order over the phone. visit moleholeofeastland.com for more information.



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