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Finding the Perfect Gift

With Mother’s Day, graduations, and wedding season right around the corner, we find a lot of people coming into our store feeling anxious, tired, and overwhelmed. Why? They are looking for the perfect gift.

While it can feel like a challenge to find something for the person who is very particular or “has everything,” one easy brain shift will help you find a gift that expresses joy, appreciation, and love.

Focus on the person, not the gift
Instead of trying to find what the recipient would “like,” think about the character and characteristics of the person. Do they like to entertain? Do they love a particular color? Do they change their jewelry with their outfits, or do they choose the same pieces every day? Do they have a favorite saying or life motto?


Once you have identified a characteristic, finding the gift becomes a breeze! For the entertainer, consider a whimsical candy dish filled with their favorite chocolates or an elegant serving dish with an artisan-made serving spoon. If they love to change up their look, consider a fashion-forward necklace, a new clothing accessory, or a striking tote bag. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to find something trendy and beautiful. For the person with the words of wisdom, look for a small wall sign or bracelet imprinted with a meaningful phrase or graphic like “love you to the moon and back” or “be yourself.” They will appreciate that you have paid attention to what they say and love that it has meaning for you too.

Accept help
In this self check-out world, we’ve actually sort of forgotten how to use the help of a knowledgeable sales associate. While browsing and “waiting for the right thing to strike” is a valid approach to shopping, allowing someone to show you gifting options may be a better use of your time and money. Instead of trying to go it alone, try giving your sales person a budget and telling them a little bit about the gift recipient. They may come up with an idea that you never would have imagined or show you an item in the store you never noticed!

Make it personal
A small, two-sentence note included with the gifts can be the difference between “stuff” and a gift that will be treasured. Think of one thing that you love, admire, or hope for the recipient. “This bracelet reminds me of the color of your eyes.”  “I love that you are such a gracious and kind host.” “I appreciate that you’ve taught me to be brave and pursue my dreams.”  This personal touch shows a purpose behind the gift and makes the item more meaningful for both of you.

In the end, a gift is about celebration. It is a way to participate in an important life moment of a friend or family member. A gift helps you show joy for a marriage or birthday, appreciation for love shared, or gratitude for a mentor or guide. So, have fun!
Uptown Gifts is Normal’s best kept secret! Located just two blocks east of the Illinois State University Campus on North Street, Uptown Gifts has the perfect gift for absolutely everyone!  For more information visit their Facebook page @uptowngiftsandaccessories or call us at 309-452-7999. Also visit our sister store the Mole Hole of Eastland Mall — moleholeofeastland.com. We can’t wait to meet you and give you a shopping experience you will remember!


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