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Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring

Now is the perfect time to get both your closet and your wardrobe ready for spring. Take an honest look at everything in your closet and ask yourself: how many pieces have not been worn in the last 18 months? Many experts advise getting rid of clothing if you haven't worn it for a year. However, I recommend 18 months because of our Central Illinois weather. You may have some pieces that are very weather-specific. For example, I have a dress in my closet that is fall colors but lightweight fabric. That dress sat in my closet for two years until I wore it because it was only appropriate for very specific weather conditions.

You’ll be amazed at how liberating it feels to eliminate items that you simply don’t wear — and it makes room for fresh, new styles that you will love. When your closet contains only clothing that you wear, you’ll find that you save a lot of time getting dressed each day because you will no longer stare at a jam-packed closet and exclaim that you have nothing to wear! Start by pulling the items that are “easy” to weed out. These would be the things that are damaged, stained, or obviously out of style. Trust me, if they should ever come back into style, you won’t want these old things! Then there is clothing that you simply do not like the way you look or feel when you put them on. This may be clothing that is perfectly good — sometimes even brand new — but for whatever reason, you just don’t like the way you feel in it. Time after time, you pass it over, hoping you will like it at some point. You won’t.

Once you have weeded out the easy ones, it’s time to be brutally honest. Think about why you are holding onto certain items, even though you haven’t worn them. Maybe it was expensive and you feel guilty getting rid of it. Maybe it’s something that is a bit too tight and you don’t want to admit to yourself that you probably won’t lose those ten pounds that you gained last Christmas. Maybe it was a gift from your husband and you didn’t have the heart to return it in the first place. Whatever the reason, if you haven't worn it in 18 months, it's time to let it go. The longer it lingers in your closet the more credibility in your mind it loses. When you first purchase something you are so excited to hang it in your closet and wear it, however, the longer it hangs there the less excited you become — it starts losing credibility.

Now, let's discuss the new spring style trends so that we can start finding fresh new pieces that won’t be passed over and will be the perfect accompaniment to clothing you already own. This year’s new styles are full of color and pattern. Past spring trends have favored pastels and neutrals, but this year, the runways were full of high visual impact items — not just color, but patterns, textures, and a mixture of all together. To be quite honest, there were some styles that most will find very difficult to wear and incorporate into an everyday wardrobe. For example, there was a lot of pajama-inspired clothing with silk robes and silk pants that were quite weird, in my humble opinion. Common themes from fashion week that could be much easier to wear were open-shoulder tops as well as tops that were off of the shoulder. Ruffles adorned many dresses and asymmetrical necklines were popular as well.

Regardless of the trends, comfortable, quality clothing that is flattering to your body is always in style. You don’t have to embrace every trend to be fashionable. Thankfully, the designers that we bring into Shoo Shoo Baby remain popular because they remember those cardinal rules while still being on trend.

Located at 203 N. Prospect in Bloomington, Natalie and Shoo Shoo Baby’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pieces for your wardrobe. For more information, please visit shooshoobaby.com, call 309-663-6292, or “like” them on Facebook.


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