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Turning Your Wedding Dreams Into Reality: Getting Started

A newly adorned left ring finger can mean tons of questions from friends, family, and acquaintances alike. Have you picked a date? Where will the wedding be? Morning brunch or evening cocktails? Black tie or vintage chic? These questions can feel overwhelming, especially mixed with other emotions of excitement and apprehension. Follow these steps to get started planning a stress-free wedding that reflects you and your fiancé’s priorities.

The dream big list
    Find a quiet place to sit down with your fiancé and write a huge, over-the-top master list. Include everything you envision for your big day, and don’t be afraid to dream. Maybe you see yourself getting married on a beach at sunset, and your fiancé wants an open bar and limo service. Whatever your dreams are, write them down and keep adding to that list without restraint! When you feel satisfied with your dream big list, pick your top three non-negotiable wants. For one of you, it might be the attire, the flowers, and the venue. For the other, it might be the venue, the catering, and the DJ. Look for areas where you and your fiancé overlap — those items should be the most important as they reflect your vision as a couple. After this exercise, you’ll have a solid list of four to six priorities to guide your wedding planning.

The budget
    No matter how extravagant the day, most weddings have a budget. It’s important to work within your budget to avoid additional wedding-related stress. You’ve narrowed down your dream big list, so make sure that you put your money where your priorities are. Put money towards your top four to six priorities and then divide what’s left between your other “nice-to-haves.”

The logistics
    Now that you’ve determined your priorities and have allocated funds to make them happen, it’s time to focus on the details. When choosing a date and venue, look to your dream big list for inspiration. If you’ve always envisioned getting married under a big white tent in the country, you may want to skip calling country clubs and hotels. Get creative with your venue: hotels are wonderful since they can be all-inclusive, but maybe a downtown loft wedding is more your style. Choosing your venue will guide the date you pick, so be flexible. If your dream location is only available in the spring, but you always wanted a fall wedding, you may have to adjust your vision to fit your wedding reality.

The reality
    One reason to write a dream big list is to recognize from the start that you may need to pick and choose between priorities during the planning process — and that’s okay! Marriage is all about compromise and your wedding will be perfect because it’s your wedding. By focusing on your main priorities and not sweating the rest, you’ll set yourself up for a stress-free and fun day!

    The Event Specialists at the Event Experience Company make it their job to turn your wedding vision into a reality. Call 309-661-6500 or visit our new showroom at 1815 Morrissey Ave. in Bloomington to start your dream big list.


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