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Premium Denim: Worth the $$

Over the last decade, the denim business has exploded with designer denim lines that range in price from $100 up to $300 for a single pair. The denim market has become highly competitive with new brand lines launching each year. While other areas of the apparel market saw a downturn five years ago, the denim industry, specifically premium denim, held their own and continued to grow. Many premium lines have emerged and have marketed their line as “affordable premium,” retailing for around $100. So, what is behind the premium denim trend?  Are they really better than denim sold at department stores or chain stores?

    The answer is yes, there really are several differences between premium denim and bargain jeans. The first is the actual quality of the workmanship of the denim. The premium lines often have double stitching and more stitches per inch, which improves durability and the longevity of the denim. Some denim has up to 12 stitches per inch. The actual denim material also usually contains elastane or Lycra and sometimes even silicone. These materials allow for the denim to stretch and mold to the body but not completely lose their structure.

    Another difference in premium versus bargain denim is the look of the washes. Some washes take up to 18 hours to perfect the color of the jean. Washes that have depth and appear slightly different on each pair are washes that have taken hours of manpower to perfect. This extended time is often reflected in the price tags. These jeans sometimes leave dye on your legs when you initially wear them because they have been washed and dyed multiple times before reaching the store. Different washes of denim have become very popular and also include “distressing” the denim. Certain pairs will have distressing that causes the jeans to look more worn-in and used, thus giving a casual, trendy look. Some of the distressing is actually done by hand so that the location on the jean is exact and intentional and considered a work of art.

    The last and most important difference is the fit of the jeans. Premium denims often contain contoured waists, specific pocket location, double stitching in the hip area (to slim the hips), and narrowing at the knee. All these small details come together to make the jean appear that it was specifically made for a person’s body. Most lines carry several different “fits,” from the curvy to the ultra skinny. Each fit has different washes, rises, and leg openings. All of these differences allow the buyer to find the perfect fit for their body. For example, Citizens of Humanity has a jean called the Avedon Slick, which is a super-skinny jegging, available in dusk or black. Many women are scared of the super-skinny label but really what that means is the jean is designed to fit like a legging. While this can be a bit confusing, the time investment is worth it when you find a pair of jeans that you love and wear for years to come.

    Because of the changes in the denim world, shop at locations that are educated about the denim they sell. Ask questions about the fits, rises, and body types that the jeans flatter. Allow your favorite store to walk you through the denim maze and rely on their expertise. Happy shopping!

    Natalie Galligan owns Shoo Shoo Baby, a local women’s boutique clothing store that carries a variety of women’s distinctive clothing as well as denim. They are located at 203 N. Prospect Road in Bloomington, 309-663-6292.



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