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Glasses Are Not a Headband!

With today’s very durable materials and products, some people think this means an item will last forever. Without proper care, nothing will last very long, and this includes eyeglasses. The following dos and don’ts will help your glasses last longer and function better.

• Just like brushing your teeth, you should clean your glasses on a daily basis. Rinsing them under lukewarm water every morning is a good habit to develop. A build up of makeup, oils, perhaps paint flecks from your last project around the house, will all adhere to the frame and lenses if not removed in a timely fashion. These things can also absorb into the pores of plastic frames and cause the finish to dull and make the integrity of the frame brittle and dried-out.
• Only use cleaners specifically made for optical products — not Windex!  Windex contains ammonia and it will break down your lenses and can destroy the finish of the frame.
• Dry your lenses with a microfiber cloth. Never use paper towels, which tend to be rough. Kleenex with softener in it is a glasses nightmare. It is made for your nose! The added lotion will put a smudgy film over your lenses.
• If you work in dirty, dusty, gritty conditions, remember to always rinse your glasses before cleaning them. The grit can grind into your lenses as you’re wiping them clean. No lens is scratch-proof!
• Keep your eyewear out of very hot conditions. In the summer, don’t leave glasses on the dashboard of your car when the interior heat can reach upwards of 150 degrees. Lenses can warp, and your vision out of them will be like looking out of a fish bowl. Scratch resistance and anti-reflective treatments will be destroyed.
• Don’t wear your glasses when getting your hair colored. The frame can absorb the hair dye and be permanently discolored.
• Frames that are made with semi-precious stones or unique materials such as horn or wood don’t belong in your water aerobics class or on the basketball court. Wear an older pair or get a sport-specific pair of glasses to keep your beautiful glasses beautiful!
• Glasses were not designed to be worn on the top of your head! If your glasses are wide enough to fit a pumpkin, this is why! The constant flexing and stress on the frame to fit on top of one’s head also causes lenses to crack and chip, especially rimless designs.
• Dogs and toddlers often find glasses to be delicious! A good rule of thumb is “on your face or in a case” and they won’t get eaten.
• Are your nosepads getting discolored from oils, makeup, and perspiration? Visit your eyecare professional and ask them to put on a new pair. There is no need to walk around with nosepads that are filthy — they should be crystal clear!
• Put your eyewear in a case before dropping into your purse or briefcase as keys, pens, nail files, and loose change can cause scratches.

    Eyeglasses are a fairly significant investment — even if you don’t need prescription lenses and only wear sunglasses. So, it makes sense to take a little extra time and effort to care for them properly.

    Specs Around Town is a local optical boutique located at 317 N. Center Street in Downtown Bloomington, 309-827-7327, and specsaroundtown.com. They specialize in the most unique eyewear collections and accessories in Central Illinois since 1998.


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