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Spread Compassion and Charity 365 Days a Year

There is just something about the season — among the hustle and busyness there seems to be a general feeling of kindness and generosity. We spent time and effort searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Volunteers spent their evening ringing bells with little red buckets collecting money to help those in need. People volunteer at shelters, and prepare and serve meals to feed others who may not get a meal that day. Christmas is definitely the season of giving, a season of hope. Even though the holidays are over, can you imagine if we all extended the gift of kindness and generosity throughout the entire year?

    A lot of the time we think of kindness as gift giving, a monetary donation, etc. But, there are many acts of kindness that don’t cost a thing or take take time out of our day.

1. Who can we help? Take a look around, whose hands are full? Can we help carry someone’s groceries on the way to our own cars? Can we put away a mom’s grocery cart for her so she can put her kids in the car? Can we open the door for and elderly person? Sometimes we need to stop and take a look around, and just be aware of what’s going on around us.
2. Put yourself in their shoes. Stop and think about their situation, how would we act if we had their job, their upbringing, their financial situation?
3. Say thank you. We all have jobs. Our daily lives depend on others doing their jobs. There are several jobs I can think of that I would never want to do, but people do them. Give them a sincere thank you for helping you get through your day. Thank a veteran or a police officer for keeping us safe.
4. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself of the good you bring to this world. Be gentle and forgiving when you make a mistake. We all make mistakes, every one of us!
5. Smile! Has a smile ever made you feel bad? Smile at the cashier after you’ve been waiting in line, smile at your barista who just made her 100th cup of specialty coffee, smile at the garbage man who picks up your trash every week. Smile at everyone!
6. Say hello. Start a conversation with an individual with special needs, or an elderly person. Have a conversation with them; let them know they are just as important as anyone else is.

    We all get so busy and tuned into our personal lives that we forget to stop and thank those who indirectly make our world a better place. We need to become unaware of our surroundings, and of those struggling around us. Make it a point next time you are out and about to make this world a little brighter by showing these simple acts of kindness.

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