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Why Every Woman Should Experience a Boudoir Session

A boudoir photography experience should be fun and result in gorgeous images. Most of all, a boudoir session should leave you feeling a new awareness of just how beautiful you are.

A few years back, I watched one of my boudoir photography subjects go through such a wonderful transformation, it forever changed her and the way she sees herself.


I met with Jen* a week before her session at my photography studio for a consultation appointment to get to know each other and plan her ideal boudoir session. From the beginning, Jen was nervous and unsure of her ability to do the photo shoot. Her life had changed dramatically after losing her husband of many years. Sadly, her marriage hadn’t been a happy one, and it sounded like it had been an emotionally abusive situation. Sometime after he passed away, she met a man and fell head-over-heels in love. Listening to her describe him and the many ways he expressed his love for her was just wonderful. Jen talked about feeling sexy in ways that she hadn’t before. They were engaged to be married and she really wanted to give her future husband a “little black book” of beautiful, sexy images of her, in spite of her uncertainty.


During a consultation for a boudoir session, I ask lots of questions to discover as much about my subject as possible. It’s not unusual for a woman to point out what she views as her flaws, and Jen was no exception. I was saddened by her numerous comments degrading her body: that she wasn’t thin enough, not pretty enough, and not good enough to be photographed. Having heard these sort of things before, I was quick to reassure her that she was in good hands and I promised her that, yes, she could do this, and I’d be there to coach her through it all.


The day of the session came, and when Jen arrived to the studio, she was visibly nervous. I reminded her that her nerves were totally normal, really almost every woman feels this (even I got nervous when I had my own boudoir session). We chatted through last-minute questions, and I sent her to the dressing room to get ready.


When Jen returned from the dressing room, she looked amazing! She had chosen lacy lingerie that wasn’t too revealing, heels, and jewelry — a perfect match. As we started, she again started pointing out her so-called flaws, even apologizing for them! This time, rather than just reassuring her, I firmly told her she was not allowed to say anything else negative about herself throughout the photo shoot. We continued on; me posing, coaching, and capturing images, and her following my direction. After snapping a handful of images, I reviewed the back of the camera and decided it was time to show her a few images.


I turned the camera around, an image on screen, and her eyes got huge! She said, “Oh! Oh wow! Okay, I can do this!” and in that instant, everything changed. Suddenly, she believed me as I told her that she looked amazing. I could see her self-confidence skyrocket and continue to grow throughout the session. After an outfit change and many images created, we finished up the session, and her joy was apparent. She had really enjoyed the experience!


I know it can be scary to pose for a photography session; most women aren’t thrilled to have their photo taken in regular clothes, let alone lingerie. By taking a chance and pushing past her fear, Jen was able to give her husband a gift that he treasures. Even better, Jen gave herself the opportunity to see her as her new husband does. Beautiful.

The boudoir experience is a time to really celebrate and indulge, be pampered, and feel beautiful. Kelli A. Drake, owner of Red Haute Images, does a fantastic job portraying the beauty in every image. Your private session is photographed by professional photographer Kelli A. Drake, with expert coaching and posing. Images are skillfully retouched and enhanced for high-quality products such as The Little Black Book — sure to take his breath away. For more information, call 309-839-1978 or visit RedHauteImages.com.

*not Jen’s real name


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