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When it comes to the world of BOTOX, it seems like more people have tried it than haven’t. However, if you have yet to try BOTOX or if you have only done it a couple of times, we have created a list of a few frequently asked questions to help you better understand this unique injectable and why it’s so popular.

How does BOTOX work?

Despite what some people think, BOTOX is actually not a facial filler. Rather than filling in fine lines and wrinkles like a filler, BOTOX works by temporarily relaxing facial muscles that cause wrinkles when you contract them. When injected into your skin in small doses, BOTOX blocks nerves from sending stimuli to the muscles that contract. BOTOX smooths out fine lines and wrinkles that not only make you look older, but can often make you look constantly worried, angry, tired, or sad.

How much BOTOX will I need?

Much like with other injectables, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to BOTOX injections. How much you will need varies from patient to patient. During your initial consultation, we will be better able to determine just how much BOTOX you will need and how much it will cost.


How long before I see results?

Most people will see results within a few days, although some people find that it takes as long as five days to see results. It usually takes about 10 days to see the maximum effect, which will last about four to seven months. When the effect starts to wear off, then you can have another treatment.

Will it make me look plastic?

One of the things that BOTOX gets a bad rap for is making people look plastic. However, as long as it is administered the right way, by the right professionals, in the right spots, it should reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without making you look plastic. Experienced plastic surgeons are qualified and trained to use BOTOX in the correct way to give real, natural-looking results.

Will it hurt?

Most of our patients say that they only experience a slight amount of discomfort once they get the BOTOX injection, but that subsides after just a couple of seconds. Additionally, some patients experience a little bit of bruising at the injection site, but that’s fairly normal.

You may have noticed that more and more, thirty (and even twenty) somethings are getting BOTOX on a regular basis. Many people think that you shouldn’t get BOTOX until you start really noticing fine lines and wrinkles, but we encourage some of our patients to start getting BOTOX before their wrinkles get deeper and their fine lines get worse. This can work as a preventative measure.


With the holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to see if BOTOX is right for you.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Twin City Plastic Surgery bring you the latest procedures and newest technologies, along with the attentive care and comfort you deserve. For more information on any procedure, you may contact Dr. Laura Randolph — 309-664-6222, Dr. Chad Tattini — 309-664-1007, or Dr. Paige Holt — 309-664-4444 at Twin City Plastic Surgery or twincityplasticsurgery.com. Their office is located at 2502 E. Empire in Bloomington.




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