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OSF Childrens Hospital Memorial Garden

They say there is no pain comparable to the pain experienced with the loss of a child. There is no pill or elixir that can ease that kind of pain. The grief and mourning can last a lifetime.


There is also the pain that can be experienced while witnessing a family hold their child hours after breath has ceased. Caregivers experience grief and sadness. They have lost a battle. They stand by helplessly, tears falling silently.


The Garden — a hallowed place, is a place for remembering. It is a place where nature can heal the broken hearts of families that have experienced a loss. The Childrens’ Memorial Garden has existed for over 30 years. Its origin began with a tenuous hold on a concrete island in a parking lot. It now has a permanent home at Luthy Botanical garden. The garden provides a peaceful, private place for those who grieve. Yes, love is here.


Luminous metal sculptures grace the meandering pathways that weave through the children’s memorial garden — a hallmark for a sensory walk that flows through the southwest side of the garden. A bench in the shape of a butterfly provides an area for quiet reflection. A waterfall spilling into a pond is a musical backdrop. The transcendent beauty is evident with the seasonal changes. In spring and summer, colorful plantings dot the walkways, and their fragrance fills the air. Autumn displays rich coppery tones — reds and golds. Rustling leaves seem filled with whispers. As fall gives way to winter, snowflakes drift lazily down out of a serene blanket of gray creating an intimate hush.


The garden is open to all. However, every December, families make a pilgrimage in homage to their children. They stand stoically while listening for their child’s name to be read. They light a candle in rembrance. Nurses and physicians are there as well. They feel honored to have been a part of their lives. Love grows here.

For more information about the OSF Childrens Hospital Memorial Garden, contact Jeanne Perino at 309-645-7762.




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