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Come Home from Vacation Weighing Less

Vacation time, A.K.A relax, unwind... and completely fall off the wagon.”

It doesn’t have to be that way. Every year, we go through this process of putting in work only to ruin it during vacation. So, I’ve got five easy tips for you to try.


“Geez, dude. I seriously don’t want to have to worry about that. I just want to get out of here. All I want to do is go on vacation and relax and not have to worry about losing my progress!”


Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.


You can indeed have your birthday cake-flavored shot and drink it too.

Tip #1: Make a drinking game. The workout version — Remember when you played drinking games — for every drink you had to do something ridiculous? Well, have an exercise in place for every drink you take. For example: have a drink, then do 10 body weight squats. Don’t think it’ll end well once you’ve had five or 10 drinks in one night? Write them down or tally the drinks and do the exercises the next day. Remember, we want this to be fun!

Tip #2: Know where you’re eating ahead of time — If you’re really good at meal prepping, you’d be smart to stay somewhere you can cook your meals and have them ready to go during your stay. If not, check out the restaurants you want to go to ahead of time and peruse the menu. This will be great if you’re in the habit of keeping track of your food. You can log it in before you even get to the restaurant. Order when you get there and enjoy your meal with company.

Tip #3: For every unhealthy meal, there’s a healthy one that follows — I’m big on the Pareto Principle (A.K.A. 80/20 Rule). Even if you manage to go 50/50 on your meals while on vacation, you’ve made a concerted effort to be conscious of what you eat. This can get better on your next vacation.

Tip #4: Get everyone in on it — Even if everyone doesn’t want to get involved with doing the whole exercise-on-vacation thing, you can definitely have them keep you accountable. Even if you totally forget to do 50 lunges, but they happen to remind you while you’re at the airport (because they’re your friends and they’d totally do that), you still have to do them since you’re technically still on vacation. Definitely let everyone know ahead of time what your intentions are so that they’re aware and don’t accuse you of being a party pooper.

Tip #5: Drink your carbs — Yes. I said drink your carbs. The food might be hard to resist, but in truth, eating carb-heavy foods are going to do a lot more harm than good. I’ve had clients that went on vacation and drank their faces off. Came back with more weight loss than they’ve had in the coming weeks leading up to their vacation. That’s not by coincidence. Just think, you end up sleeping a ton and having to drink a lot of water to get you back on the saddle and keep the fun going — taking long walks on the beach or down the strip sightseeing or shopping. Just make sure you drink responsibly of course.

So, there you have it — five simple tips to stay healthy on your next vacation. No equipment needed (except maybe a shot glass or two). The key takeaway here is to simply be aware without feeling burdened. Vacationing is a tremendous way to reduce stress and recover. It’s not how long you vacay, but how you vacay. Enjoy and be safe!

For more information regarding your fitness goals, please contact Donovan at 708-214-3871 or on Facebook  at Donovans Personal Training. Located at 401 Bronco Drive Unit-C, Bloomington.



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