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Make Music Normal

Hello, summer! The warm weather and blue skies bright with sunshine inspire summer road trips for outdoor activities and festivals — including musical festivals in major cities across the US. That feeling of togetherness when surrounded by friends, strangers, musical instruments, and dance harmonized by rhythm from an array of genres prompts music and art lovers alike to hit the open road for day trips throughout the summer months. But, wait! Did you know that right here in our local community we have a summer music festival? Save the gas and your time by experiencing this interactive music and arts festival close to home.

 For the fourth consecutive year, the Town of Normal is hosting Make Music Normal presented by CEFCU, an all-day free music festival in Uptown Normal on Saturday, June 23, 2018. “With an impressive lineup of over 70 performers across eight stages, this year’s event has something for all ages. This is our destination music festival of the year,” shares Adam Fox, Civic Arts Manager for the Town of Normal. Make Music Normal is an offshoot of The Worldwide Celebration of Music movement, which began in France in 1982. To this day, the spirit of the festival held all across the world on or around the same day in June remains the same — the day of music is open to anyone who wants to take part. “We invite people all ages and skills, including amateurs and professionals, to join in the event.”
    “With a focus on the celebration of regional music, we have local favorites in our line-up as well as some artists attending from the Chicago and St. Louis areas. The idea is that we all come together in the interest of connecting through music,” shares Fox. “We are excited to share this event with our community.”

Your invitation awaits
    Imagine yourself lounging about the Roundabout listening to the talented group of children who participate in the award-winning Illinois State University String Project perform on their stringed instruments. The instructors for The ISU String Project will also be on-hand to teach by encouraging anyone who may be interested in a stringed instrument to learn how to play by experimenting with a viola.
    Or, check out the Further Jazz, Inc. Stage to hear Louie Jones, a young pianist and local crowd-pleaser, showcase his talents. Beauties and the Beat, an exceptional all-girl acappella group ranging in age from 13 to 18 will perform pop, jazz, classical, and Broadway on the Mural Stage. A variety of adult performers across all stages will entertain as well including local talent Kyle Yap. The Travis Wesley Trio, a modern jazz piano trio that maintains a progressive musical philosophy complete with high-level performance and energy accompanied by drums and bass will jam on the Mural Stage as well. Blues. Rock. Jazz. There is truly a musical track for everyone at this event!
Ready to jam
    The venue is set and spontaneity is widely encouraged. We encourage attendees to roam around and perhaps vary their style by listening, interacting, dancing, and enjoying the sounds around them. “We even offer a “Silent Dance Party” tent where music is streamed through Bluetooth headsets and only the listener will hear the tunes while they dance in whichever way that moves them,” shares Fox.
    With skilled audio technicians lending their talents to create near-field experiences, the stages spread across the entirety of Uptown will create live, vibrant experiences for all to enjoy. “We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to appreciate their genre of choice,” shares Fox.
    This free event affords the opportunity for participants to come and go throughout the day. “The open footprint means no waiting to get in,” states Fox.
    The Make Music Normal music festival offers experiences for participants of any age and skill level to make music, hear, and see a diverse lineup of musical acts and performances all day long. Mark your calendars for a free, engaging, and interactive day dedicated to music, movement, and fun! Follow us on Facebook, @makemusicnormal or
visit normal.org.

The North Street Stage
12:00–12:45 The Joe Zaklan Band
1:15–2:00 Sunday Afternoon
2:30–3:15 Kickin’ & Pickin’
3:30–4:15 Leah Marlene
4:45–5:30 Flaccid
6:00–7:00 Sneezy
7:30–8:45 Grupo Rimel
9:15–11:00 Marty “Big Dog” Mercer

The Roundabout
12:00–12:30 ISU String Project
12:45–1:45 Midwest Institute of Opera
2:00–3:00 Sound of Illinois Chorus
3:30–4:15 Sherwood Forest
4:45–5:30 Too Cool
6:00–6:45 Kyle Yap
7:15–8:00 John Til
8:30–9:30 Wildermore

Mural Stage
12:00–12:45 Andy & Penny Bordewick
1:00–1:45 Geoff Beran & the Mystery Van
2:00–2:45 Grant Millren
3:00–3:30 Beauties & the Beat
3:45–4:30 Stan O’Connor
5:00–5:45 Marcos Mendez
6:15–7:00 Jeni B
7:30–8:30 V8 Vast Change
8:45–9:30 Ranger Andy
9:45–10:30 PoorBoy Luke

Emack and Bolio's
12:00–12:30 Nic Gundy
12:45–1:15 One Step Closer
1:45–2:30 Lakes Mouth
3:00–3:45 Emilele
4:15–5:00 Joel & Kylie Eagles
5:30–6:15 Alex Dwyer
6:45–7:30 Chasing the Turn
8:00–9:00 Marc Boon

Alley Stage
12:00–12:45 Sugar Rush
1:15–2:00 The Shore Runners
2:30–3:15 Room 22
3:45–4:30 Tyler Sweitzer
5:00–5:45 Long Ladder Home
6:15–7:15 NoRobot
7:45–8:45 Disorganizer
9:15–10:15 Inktrail

Beaufort Street Stage
12:00–1:00 The Bygones
1:30–2:30 The NATU Band
3:00–4:00 Sarah Quah Band
4:30–5:15 Shinzon
5:45–6:30 Luke & The Drifters
7:00–8:00 Femme Fatale
8:30–9:30 Scott Marek Band
10:00–11:00 Red Scarves

The Uptown Lounge:
12–11 Silent Dance Party

The Further Jazz,Inc Stage
12:00–12:30 Louie the Musician
1:00–2:00 State Farm J–108 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
2:30–3:30 Jim Boitos & Joe Bell
4:00–5:00 Disorganizer (Jazz Set)
5:30–6:30 John Campbell
7:00–8:30 Glenn Wilson & Friends
9:00–10:30 Jam Session led by Glenn Wilson



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