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A Twist to the Wedding Norm

Every new wedding season brings with it new trends. When you begin to plan your wedding you can be overwhelmed by the limitless options and feel pressure to make your wedding unique and special. It is challenging to incorporate the latest trends while managing your budget and creating the wedding that you want. If you are struggling with these feelings, don’t worry, you are not alone! Take a deep breath and let’s look at the steps you can take to determine the trends you want to include in your big day.

 Let’s begin by sitting down and thinking about your vision as a couple. Start writing a list and capturing all the ideas that come out. From there, we can start to see a pattern and theme emerge. Now it is time to put some priorities to your list. What are the items that are must-have, big impact, and what are some things that would be nice to have, but not critical. As you work on this, be mindful of your unique experiences as a couple and look for ideas that fit you and your style and personality.
    Now let’s think about what trends speak most to your personality and style.
• Fashion lovers are going to notice the wedding dress! You want to have the dream dress that looks best on you. Some trends that are in this season include Millenial Pink, high necklines, and bell sleeves. Trust your instincts when it comes to incorporating these trends for your dress. For the men, we are seeing nontraditional suits and less formal options as the trends. Tweed pants, dark greens, and burgundy are popular.
• Food is an emotional connection to a couples personality. Food combinations that are special to a couple will create a memorable experience for you and your guests beyond beef or chicken. Popular cake flavors are getting interesting with bourbon, mocha, and even confetti. Dessert is going beyond just the wedding cake: donut bars, candy bars, and popcorn buffets are popular self-serve options your guests can enjoy later in the night.
• Visual impact is driven by your decor and color choices. We are always asking how your guests will feel when they walk into the room. Pleasing aesthetics draws them into the space and gives them that big first impression of your reception. Couples are incorporating hanging florals and greenery as well as geometric shapes. Tables are being dressed with textured linens, metallic colors, and even marble patterns. That pop of color can be accomplished with creative lighting, accent-colored linen, or even printables and favors.

    New trends offer an exciting twist on the norm, but don’t feel limited to only pick what’s hot in The Knot. Use trends past and present as inspiration points in creating your ultimate wedding vision and start making memories.

    At the Event Experience Company, we help couples create a custom day inspired by both new styles and the couple’s personality. We’d love to meet with you to guide your journey to your big day. To set up a complimentary, one-on-one appointment with one of our event specialists, visit us online at EventExperienceCompany.com.



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