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The Personal Business of Vacation Planning

Vacations are personal! Let’s face it, you work hard for your dream get-away. Whether you squirrel away money every month in a vacation spending account at your bank, build rewards by using a cash-back credit card, or drop your spare change and dollar bills into a vacation fund jar at home — you have the mindset that your money is earmarked for that someday vacation to a destination you may have in mind. When it comes to matters of how and where to invest your hard-earned dollars for a much-needed vacation, the subject of your time and money is always personal. Further, vacations are meant to create and build memories to last a lifetime, and they should be nothing short of magical.


Identifying whom to trust with your vacation planning needs can be a daunting task. After all, you may only get one, maybe two weeks out of the entire year to take the vacation of your dreams. That dream will be different for each and every member of your travel party. Whether you have previously visited the vacation destination you have in mind or you are entirely new to the destination, you are sure to have questions — and you need to be able to trust that the person you enlist to help you with your vacation planning needs will provide you with trustworthy and honest advice, with only your needs in mind.

Here are some tips to look for when selecting the person or agency to assist with your vacation planning needs:
1. Is the agency or advisor an authorized partner with the resort destination or travel provider you may have in mind? Is the agency accredited with IATA travel industry). You should endeavor to work with a company that is a leader in the industry and that is in good standing with many world-class travel companies.
2. Ask if the person or agency will charge a fee for their services. If so, you should carefully consider why they are charging a fee and what you will receive in return for your investment.
3. Ask if you will work with the individual from ideation through vacation. Will this person be with you every step of the way as you plan your vacation? Or, will you potentially work with anyone who may answer your call via a call center?
4. Ask if the individual has experience with the destination you have in mind. Ask them to share their own personal stories from the destination. What is on their must-see and experience list? What type of accommodations should you reserve? Where should you dine? What should you pack? What are their lessons-learned so you may avoid experiencing the same?

Enlisting the help of a personal advisor to aide in your vacation planning should be a free, easy, and an overall fun process. After all, vacations are all about experiences and relaxation! Look for agencies and individuals who project that they truly enjoy planning vacations and creating magical vacations with only their client’s best interests in mind. Remember, vacations are personal! Only you can decide what’s best for you and your travel party. Your advisor will keep this in mind so they may make your personal vacation as magical as can be.

Leta Gail Doerr is a Personal Vacation Advisor with Magical Vacation Planner, an authorized Disney Travel Agency. Contact Leta Gail via 309-824-6921, and Facebook.com/LetaGailMVP for  expert, free travel planning assistance for all of your vacation needs. Leta Gail specializes in Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, Aulani, Adventures by Disney, Universal Studios Orlando, and Royal Caribbean International.



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