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Library to Bring Jamie Ford, Author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, to Bloomington

Bloomington Public Library will bring author Jamie Ford to the city for two appearances on Thursday, April 12. Ford’s programs will feature his novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and will serve as the culmination of the Library’s annual Bloomington Reads series of programs.


Bloomington Reads is an annual program in which library staff choose a book to highlight, purchase 50 copies of the title in multiple formats, and plan programs centered around themes found in the book. In turn, area residents are encouraged to read the book and participate in the corresponding programs.


As Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet opens, readers find themselves in 1986 Seattle where Henry Lee stumbles upon a crowd gathered outside a hotel which has been boarded up for decades. In its basement, the hotel’s new owner has discovered the belongings of 37 Japanese families which were left behind more than 40 years prior when the families were evacuated to internment camps during World War II. As a parasol is pulled from the basement, Henry’s memory takes him back to the height of the war — a time when he found true friendship in Keiko Okabe, a 12-year-old, Japanese-American schoolmate whose family was eventually forced to move to an internment camp.


Back in the present, Henry is sure that he recognizes the parasol which he believes belonged to Keiko. As he forges ahead on a quest to find the Okabe’s belongings, he both laments and comes to terms with many aspects of the past.


From mid-March to mid-April, the Library will offer 14 programs focusing on themes found in Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. These themes include World War II, Japanese internment camps, jazz, Japanese customs, and drawing.
Bloomington Reads Programs

Fiction Book Club
March 20, 7pm
Discuss Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

Jazz Concert Series
Concerts begin at 6:30pm.
• March 21: Kevin Hart and the Vibe Tribe
• March 28: Brian Choban Quintet
• April 4: Glenn Wilson and the Jazz Maniacs
• April 11: Illinois Wesleyan University Jazz Ensemble

Casey and the Flying Fortress
March 31, 2pm
Author Mark Farina will share the story of Casey Paulinski, a young Chicagoan who became the copilot of a WWII bomber and was subsequently held as a POW.
Books on Tap Book Club
April 2, 7pm, upper level Lucca Grill
Discuss Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

World War II in Bloomington-Normal by Gretchen Knapp, Phd.
April 3, 7pm
Author Gretchen Knapp will discuss the challenges and contributions of Bloomington-Normal residents during WWII. Knapp’s book, World War II Buffalo, was recently published.

Basic Drawing
April 7, 12pm & 2pm
Registered teens and adults can take part in one of two drawing workshops. Registration is required, limited, and opens at 10am on March 26 by calling 309-261-3935.

Japanese Internment Camps
April 8, 2pm
Anna Takada will explore the terrible “solution” of Japanese internment camps in the United States during WWII. Takada will include information from interviews with camp survivors.
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
April 10, 6:30pm
University of Illinois’ Japan House will present a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Attendees will learn the history behind the art of Chado.
Socks are required.

Discussion with Author Jamie Ford
April 12, 12pm
Author Jamie Ford will participate in an intimate discussion of his book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Feel free to bring your lunch. Ford will sign books at the conclusion of the discussion.

Author Presentation with Jaime Ford
April 12, 7pm
Author Jamie Ford will lead a 7pm presentation in the Bloomington High School auditorium. A Q&A, book sale, and book signing will follow.


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