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10 Parks to Make your Summer Destination

The kids are out of school and it’s time to get outside and have some fun! Spending time in nature has a whole host of benefits to your health, including increasing short-term memory, decreasing stress, and boosting the immune system. Time outside for kids builds confidence, stimulates imagination, and gets them moving. Visiting parks is a great way to plan healthy, fun activities that everyone can enjoy without breaking the bank. Bloomington has over 38 parks for you and your family to enjoy for free this summer. Here are 10 parks to add to your summer bucket list!


Wither’s Park — An oasis of natural beauty in the heart of downtown Bloomington, Withers Park is a great place to stop and have lunch, or sit and watch the activity of downtown. Don’t forget our lunchtime concerts which also take place here throughout the summer.


Holiday Park — Lots of action-packed fun happens all summer at Holiday Park! Holiday Pool is a popular location to swim and the playground, nature area, and pond make Holiday a summer favorite.


White Oak Park — Bring your fishing pole and enjoy a peaceful afternoon waiting for your next big catch at the lake. You might also many enjoy a nice stroll or jog around White Oak Lake to get your heart rate moving.


Ewing and Ewing 2 Parks — Ever wonder what native prairie grass looks like? Ewing and Ewing 2 Parks are a great place to admire the native species in Illinois. Enjoy a playground as well as benches, a walking path, and a beautiful view from the top of the hill.

Tipton Park — Popular for its trails and shelter, Tipton Park is a 50-acre linear park that is over 85 percent natural area of native Illinois prairie. One lake and small pond also provide fishing opportunities. The farm-themed playground and splash pad will keep the little ones having lots of fun!


Franklin Park — Lounge under big shady trees, play in the sand pit, or attend an evening concert and ice cream social surrounded by historic Bloomington.


Rollingbrook Park — Enjoy a play structure, trail access, and try your hand at some pickleball in the Picklebarrel Pickle Ball Court!


McGraw Park — From lovely walking paths and shady benches, to softball fields and tennis courts, you can spend a lazy or active afternoon at McGraw Park. Don’t forget about the play structure and splash pad for little ones!


Forrest Park — Visiting Forrest Park truly feels like a walk in the woods! The tall trees give excellent shade, there is a large shelter to enjoy a picnic lunch, a disc golf course to try, and a playground.


Miller Park — Last but certainly not least, Bloomington’s flagship park cannot be missed this summer. Go for a run, play mini golf, float on a paddle boat, play on the playground and splash pad, go fishing, enjoy a summer theatre show, or see what’s new at the Miller Park Zoo.

Park activities to try:
• Fly a kite
• Have a picnic
• Go on nature walk
• Play catch
• Enjoy story time under a shady tree
• Play on a play structure
• Bird watch
• Go fishing
• Pick out cloud shapes in the sky

Have some old photos from the past 50 years in our parks and programs? We’d love to see them! Share them with us on social media or at our office at 115 E. Washington St., Bloomington, IL.

See you at the parks!


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