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Home Monitoring and Surveillance What you need to know

Consider this — an average of two million burglaries are reported each year in the United States. Further, over half (66 percent) are residential (home) break-ins. Nearly 30 percent of those occur through an open or unlocked window or door. It is estimated that homes without security systems are up to 300 percent more likely to be broken into versus those with some form of advanced security protection.

If you have considered monitoring or surveillance systems for your home, yet find yourself confused about which option may be best for you, then read on. Security and surveillance expert, Robert Brown, owner of RockStar AV and Integrated Security of Normal, Illinois offers this advice.


“The first thing homeowners need to understand is the difference between home monitoring and video surveillance. While the two can go hand-in-hand to provide the best in home protection, there is a difference, which is often a source of confusion,” shares Robert.
The basics


Home monitoring: Home monitoring is an alarm system to monitor events such as glass breakage, door and window openings, and can include motion detectors. Home monitoring is an entry-level option for home security, which affords the homeowner the ability to control events from a central command module, call for help when needed, and arm or disarm the system remotely. “Installation of these types of systems are great for many homeowners, as advanced technology allows the providers to quickly assess events within 30 seconds of an alarm and alert emergency responders according to a predetermined call list protocol if necessary,” states Robert. Alarms can be customized to fit each individual’s needs, and offer the flexibility to set thresholds for home entry (i.e. setting a limit for a service worker to enter a home during a specified time or day.)


Security surveillance: “Video surveillance is next-level security which provides another layer of protection when coupled with home monitoring,” shares Robert. Video surveillance offers a wide array of monitoring technology — including state-of-the-art zoom/tilt/pan camera controls, clear 4K resolution, and video storage options. Further, many video surveillance options may be accessed via mobile device, which allows homeowners to view their surveillance system while away from home. “This is a selling point for many homeowners, as the ability to integrate security controls offers peace of mind at your fingertips so you can constantly monitor and ensure that all is safe and well,” shares Robert.

The cost

While peace of mind is difficult to put a price on, on average, a home monitoring system may be maintained for less than $400 per year and is typically billed via a monthly fee. A one-time installation and set-up fee will vary and should be factored into the budget. Home surveillance systems will have a one-time installation and set-up fee, yet there is not generally a monthly maintenance fee. Investment will vary based upon your home design and layout of camera coverage and equipment location; however, a state of the art system may be installed for around $500 to start.

The experts

When considering whom to trust with your home security needs, you should look for companies who have extensive experience in the field of security and surveillance. Do your research and determine the answers to these questions.
1. How long has the business been established?  
2. How knowledgeable is the person selling the system to you? Ask about their experience and qualifications within the home security field.
3. Will you have a single point of contact to discuss your individual concerns and needs with? Will this person work through your custom design and configuration with you?
4. Is a contract required? If so, what are the out clauses if you determine that company does not meet your expectations?

Protecting your family, pets, and other valued assets within your home is a serious subject. Selecting a reputable company, that employs skilled and knowledgeable experts in the discipline of home security and surveillance is of utmost importance. Finding an expert is the first step to providing peace of mind for all of your home security needs. Then, you can rest easy knowing your home (and everyone in it) is safe, secure, and always protected.

For a consultation regarding your home security needs, contact Robert and his team at Rockstar Audio Video & Integrated Security at 309-268-0640 or visit RockstarAVS.com.


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