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Know Your Insurance Coverage

2018 is here! Have you scheduled your insurance and financial review yet? If you haven’t, I want to mention the importance of doing this with your insurance agent or financial representative. Although they may seem tedious and a waste of time, IFR’s are extremely valuable. Think about how much your life changes from month to month. Maybe you buy a new car, change jobs, have a child, lose a family member, or are lucky enough to put your toes in the sand and enjoy retirement. The fact of the matter is life changing events do happen on a regular basis, so knowing that you and your loved ones are properly covered needs to be addressed on an annual basis.

What exactly is involved in a financial review? For starters, I like to make sure your coverages meet your needs. For example, I may start by looking at your auto policy and seeing if the limits look adequate, and if there are any discounts we can apply — do you have deductibles you can afford and are there any new drivers in the household? Getting these questions answered will not only help me make sure you are properly covered but will help you know what you currently have too.

After discussing your auto, we will take a look over your dwelling coverages. Knowing you are properly covered in case a fire was to happen or your basement flooded are definitely things you should want to know about. This year, we have had extremely cold weather. Freezing and thawing pipes can lead to serious issues. Coming home to six inches of water in your basement and realizing your homeowner’s policy wasn’t set to cover that can be a scary feeling. A question I ask my clients is if your personal items are damaged, do you want like-new items, or are you okay with a current appraisal that may only be enough for a quarter of what that shirt or television originally cost? Insurance companies have options on this coverage, so make sure you have the one you prefer. We will also look at your liability and medical coverages. What if someone got hurt at your house, wouldn’t you like to know you have enough protection to cover the medical expenses or possible law suits? Questions like these, as well as making sure your mortgage information hasn’t changed, are items that need addressed during the meeting.

Life and health insurance are other topics that are discussed during IFR’s. Checking to make sure beneficiaries are updated, recommending additional or new coverages be put into place, looking at options such as Long Term Care and Disability insurance, or just being there to really help educate about the importance of coverages are items that need to be addressed. I always ask about life changing events during this discussion. Have you added to the family or have you lost a family member? These types of questions may or may not be the most comfortable to have but they are definitely necessary so we as insurance agents/financial reps know you and your loved ones are properly covered.

If you are a financial representative, speaking about preparing for later in life will be discussed. Questions about your contributions or have you left a job recently may be asked during this section. We may even talk about kids or grandkids and if you would like to help them with college. Some of these questions will vary from family to family, but just like the other policies, they are necessary to discuss. This stage is an important part of each of our lives and getting there and being comfortable when we do is what we all strive for.

So don’t be afraid to schedule that IFR, making sure you are happy and understand your coverages is more valuable then you know.

If you would like a review of your homeowner’s insurance, give Jeremy Bradley, COUNTRY Financial representative, a call at 309-820-9598. He is happy to explain coverage and premium options!


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