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A Continuous Balance of Health and Living

Spring Break is upon us, and with it, the anticipation of vacations near and far. If you’re like a lot of Illinois residents, the promise of a little getaway between Christmas and Memorial Day is what gets you through the long cold months. While vacation is certainly a time to relax and indulge, it doesn’t have to signal the end of all healthy habits. Consider the ideas below as you embark on your next adventure!

Make the journey as comfortable as the destination


Dreading the trains, planes, and automobiles that round out either side of your vacation? Make a long trip more comfortable by finding your neutral spine and engaging your core. Whether you’re in the aisle or window seat, position both of your feet flat on the floor. Widen your sitting bones to help give you the greatest base of support and enable you to find curvature in your lower spine. Inhale deeply and sit up tall, stretching your vertebrae all the way from your tailbone to the top of your head. Draw your shoulder blades wide on your back and engage your cervical stabilizers to align your ears over your shoulders. As long as you’re not in the driver’s seat, close your eyes, and try to grow taller and with each breath out, hug your abdominal muscles tight around you like a corset to support your lengthened spine.

This “meditation on alignment” will engage your deepest core muscles, helping reduce back pain while bringing your focus inward, ideally helping you block out the next “are we there yet?” more effectively! 

Don’t abandon all healthy habits

Even when enjoying a week away, you can maintain balance and take care of yourself. If you’ll be indulging in great dinners out, consider stocking the mini-fridge in your room with yogurt and fruit for breakfast and healthy items for lunch. Making some of your own meals on vacation will save you money and help energize you for fun adventures! When you do go out to eat, don’t forget your veggies! It’s fun to try local produce and explore new regional preparations. You may come home and shop for chayote to recreate a craveable salad you had in Mexico! 

You don’t need to let your fitness routine go when you travel. I like to visit a local fitness studio when I travel — it’s the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. I also stream workouts via www.thedaileymethod.com/dailey-online — these quick workouts are hotel-room friendly and require no equipment.

Your traditional workout isn’t the only way to get active while on vacation. My husband and I find that running and biking are perfect ways to explore a new city, and, of course, swimming and body surfing on the beach, hiking the mountains, and hitting the slopes make vacation fun while providing great ways to stay active.

Let yourself indulge

While balance is key, indulgence is its own form of self-care. Stay active with fun activities, but give yourself downtime with a good book (or even better, book a massage). Eat your veggies, but don’t miss out on a margarita on the beach or a gelato in Italy. Give yourself permission to let go. Let your “out of office” reply do its job and enjoy much deserved time to yourself for with the ones you love!

The Dailey Method is located at 315 Susan Drive in Bloomington. Class times vary and can be found on the website: thedaileymethod.com/studios/bloomington, or by calling 309-451-4202.

Bon Voyage! 



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