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What Is Photography?

So, what is photography? Photography is the practice of recording images by using light resulting in lasting visual memories. The root word photograph was first used in the 1830s. However, its origin stems from the Greek words “photo” which means “light” and “graphein” which means “to draw.” This definition only scratches the surface of the true depth of photography. Photography is likened unto many things, including being an art form and even way of expression. It is also considered a form of visual communication.

Photography as art and expression
Photography showcases the aesthetics of life. As an art form, it embraces the freedom of expression, artistically framing and extracting the essence of its subjects with and without intent. In its truest form, it is raw and uncut and a conduit for expression. It serves as a vehicle connecting life to life. It causes a chain reaction invoking expression from and to expression. Photography is as tangible as an art form as it is intangible an expression. It is as alive as though still in the moment, resonating within us the freshness of the day the moment was captured. Photography expresses creativity with uniqueness of style. At its core, it conveys thoughts and feelings while creating a mood and defines a moment that can be relived at a moment’s glance.
Photography as means of communication
Photography is a language that sometimes speaks louder than words. It captures the heart, soul, and spirit of a moment and freezes it in time while speaking its own language time after time. It can transcend words because words may be forgotten, but the story told through photography lives on. It can speak without speaking, touch without touching, and reach without reaching. It allows us to vocalize our love, understanding, and zest for life through images. It gives us another way to connect with the world around us and the world that may not be so close to us. It closes gaps and erases distance. “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” — Bruno Barbey


In the new year, what would you like photography to do for you and those you love? What new expressions would you like to capture that highlight the life you live? What moments do you want to share time and time again? Photography helps us share the moments we were a part of, but also helps others partake in those same experiences by visual invitation. So, next time you see a photo, think about all of the different things the photo not only is, but all of the things it does and provides. These captured moments have the power to express creativity, speak to generations, and transcend boundaries. Photography, by nature, has the power to change how we view, think live, and impact the world. So, bring on your best expressions for 2018.

New Expressions Photography, Videography & Web Design is located at 2306 E. Oakland, Bloomington,  For more information or specials, call 309-533-4801 or visit newexpressions.biz.


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