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5 Strategies for Protecting Your Valuables

Home is your sanctuary, your castle, the place where you feel the most secure and protected. It is natural to feel this way. So, it is not surprising that you store your prized possessions and valuables at home as well. Is that the best choice for all your valuables?

The recent wildfires in California are the latest in a string of devastating disasters to impact homeowners in the U.S. Together with the hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts and tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest, residential property losses are expected to approach $100 billion according to CoreLogic. Making matters worse, as much as 80 percent of these losses are not insured. Together with the surge in residential burglaries over the last few years, it appears homes are under siege.

Because of these events, the cost of homeowner's insurance is expected to increase dramatically in 2018 and beyond in certain parts of the country. One local insurance company has already released plans to increase coverages from 3.9 to 6.2 percent over the next few months.

Now more than ever, you need a thorough examination of how best to protect your valuable possessions and to identify strategies to reduce your insurance costs.

These tips will help get you started:
Create an inventory.

Start with a written and video inventory of your prized possessions and valuables, including jewelry, cash or hard assets like gold, electronics, family heirlooms, and collectibles, such as coins, watches, or anything else that has monetary or sentimental value. Prioritize it starting with the highest value items first. With this as your starting point, you can now begin putting a plan in place.


Maintain secure off-site storage.
On average, $2 billion of gold, silver, and jewelry are stolen from homes each year, and 93 percent of that property is never recovered, while fires and natural disasters destroy billions of dollars of valuable personal property every year. Using a safe deposit box to store these smaller valuables, cash, and collectibles substantially reduces the risk of loss from such events.

Follow basic security rules.
• Don’t broadcast on social media when you are out of town for work or vacation.
• Leave lights on variable timers.
• Accompany repair or utility staff while in your home.
• Keep valuables out of sight and make sure to stop mail delivery while out of town.
• If you have a safe, make sure it is bolted down, preferably to a concrete floor.

Evaluate your insurance. Standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance places relatively low limits on jewelry, cash, and many other items. It also does not cover losses from flooding, earthquake, and hurricane unless you insure your valuables by a special endorsement or policy. Check your policy to see if you're fully protected. If you rent a box, inexpensive safe deposit box insurance covers any property stored in your box against virtually all events. Additionally, using an insured safe deposit box can significantly reduce your insurance costs and give you the ability to insure items that are not covered under your homeowner’s policy.


Have a disaster plan. You typically have advanced warning of flooding, most wildfires, and hurricanes. Know what you would take if you needed to flee your home, what you would place in your safe deposit box, and where you would store items left behind. Place your important documents in your safe deposit box and store them digitally in the cloud where they can be accessed at any time.
Today, when the 100-year event seems to occur multiple times every year, these basic steps can help you begin to manage the real threat to some of your most valuable property.

If you would like a review of your homeowner’s insurance, give Jeremy Bradley, COUNTRY Financial representative a call at 309-820-9598. He is happy to explain coverage and premium options!

Article source: Brandpoint.com



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