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4 Tips to Give Your To-Do List a Makeover

People are drowning in their to-do lists. I see it all the time. Meetings, volunteering, kids’ activities, yoga practice, not to mention the holidays. The standard answer to “How are you doing?” is no longer “Fine.” It’s “Busy!” It can be overwhelming at times. If you are looking to bring more ease into your life, then read on for how you can give your to-do list a makeover.

Break it down
    Pick one item from your list for today. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing this task. Let’s say you have to go shopping for a wedding gift. Picture yourself driving to the store, looking around, and so on. What do you see, hear, and smell? Now, try to notice any sensations in your body. Do you sense openness or maybe excitement? Or, do you feel tightness or perhaps heaviness? Those are subtle but powerful signals your body is giving you about how you should be spending your time. If you feel something positive when you think of doing your task, great. Keep it on the top of your list. If on the other hand, you feel something negative, read on for three choices you can make.

Toss it out
    The first thing to do when looking at an item on your to-do list that doesn’t fill you with joy is to question whether it should be on there at all. Ask yourself, do I really, really need to do this? Giving yourself permission to not do something on your list can be incredibly freeing. One of my clients paid for a cooking class. She’d gone to the initial class but fell behind on the online lessons and prep. She kept moving “Finish cooking lessons” from week to week on her agenda. When I questioned if she had to finish the class, she was surprised. “Well… no, I guess I don’t have to.” Like that, she crossed it off and instantly felt lighter. All that mental space taken up moving it every week and feeling bad she hadn’t done it was now free.

Give it away
    If you decide that that item needs to stay on your list, consider giving it away. My favorite example is getting groceries. I love meal planning and cooking, but going through a brightly-lit store the size of a football field drains me. I want to continue making good meals for my family versus eating out more, so I decided to give that task away. Now, I let an online shopper do it for me. I pick out what I want online, pay for it, and they’ll have all my groceries ready and waiting for me whenever I want. How about you? Do you know someone that could take on one of your to-do items in exchange for something else? Maybe your sister can bake your brownies for the charity fundraiser, and you can mail merge an invitation list for her. Each of you gets to do something that you enjoy and has the satisfaction of helping someone else out.

Make it better
    You can also take an item on your to-do list and find a way to make it better. One of my clients was having trouble finishing up an academic journal article that she needed to write by the end of month. First, we broke the task into smaller chunks. She set up a special writing corner in her apartment, with an essential oil diffuser and calming music, and wrote just 15 minutes a day. She turned her paper-writing into a spa experience and enjoyed it so much that she decided to tackle the next paper the same way. What about you? Can you find a creative way to add something fun, like music, nature, or companionship, to a task on your list?
    With a bit of ingenuity, you can transform your to-do list by looking for ways to toss, give away, or make better items that don’t fill you with joy. Your to-do list should help you run your life, not run it for you. The more you makeover your to-do list, the more time you have to create a life that fulfills you.

    Diane studied to be a Life Coach at the Martha Beck Institute. She loves to help people overcome obstacles, tap into their inner wisdom, and live the lives they were meant to live.
    For more information or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see how working with a Life Coach can help you bring more joy and ease into your life, contact Diane Douiyssi at Inner Wisdom Wayfinding: 309-706-5984, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at innerwisdomwayfinding.com.



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