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Keep Calm and Carry On

You’ve been planning for months (maybe even years!), and the big day is approaching! Worried about all your planning going to waste over a last minute snafu? Read on for ways to celebrate your hard work and prepare for the unknown as you approach your walk down the aisle.

1). Get organized: This tip applies to all major events (graduation parties, the birth of a child, a big family vacation, etc!). The key to staying calm in the face of the unknown is to prepare for whatever may happen. For a bride, this means creating a master list of relevant phone numbers so that if necessary, the mother of the groom can place a quick call to the florist within minutes of a fallen centerpiece. Or, it means taking care of vendor payments in advance, or pre-writing checks to pay vendors at the reception. It also means checking with your vendors a week before your wedding to go over last minute details. Finally, for the control freaks among us (myself included!), it may mean writing out a timeline down to the minute and distributing it to all relevant parties so that everyone stays on track.
2). Create a survival kit: Gather up some supplies in a basket or bag where they can be easily accessed by the bridal party. This kit might include tissues, safety pins, or garment tape, a sewing kit, first aid supplies, deodorant, snacks, and bottled water, mints, white chalk (for anything that touches the bride’s dress), sunscreen, and hairspray. We all know that one person that could MacGyver his or her way out of any problem, but why add on unnecessary stress? Having everything handy the day of eliminates the question “Does anybody have any…?”

3). Consider hiring day-of help: Hiring a day-of planner can be a huge benefit. Day-of planners keep everyone moving along a timeline, take care of payments to vendors, help the bride and groom be where they’re supposed to be at any given time, and in general, keep the event flowing smoothly behind the scenes. If you don’t have the funds to hire an official day-of planner, consider giving a gift card or thoughtful gift to a friend. A past event-planning intern of mine acted as our day-of coordinator, and was even the last one out at the end of the night. I felt great knowing that she would take care of the details, and was more than happy to add to her bank account and her resume.

4). Pamper yourself: Wedding days are obviously full of joy, but they can start to feel hectic very quickly! It can be hard to savor the moment or catch a breath when jumping from hair to makeup to photos, so schedule in time to pamper yourself on your big day. For some, that may mean sipping coffee on the porch while writing a love note to your spouse-to-be. For others, it may mean brunch with friends, or in our case, a slow walk through the farmers market and a lazy lunch before heading our separate ways to get ready. Bonus tip — if you’re thinking of pampering yourself with a day-of facial, think again! Facials and other beauty treatments are best done a few weeks out. You don’t want to break out on your big day!

5). Keep calm and carry on: Finally, remember to keep calm in the face of what may seem like a crisis. Despite your best planning efforts, something will go wrong. When that happens, it’s best to just smile and make it work. On our wedding day, our pastor forgot a special ribbon for our hand-tying ceremony. She was considering driving back home, which would have postponed the ceremony. We ended up plucking a ribbon from a random centerpiece and using that instead. When facing day of changes, it's best to keep calm and carry on.

    For information, recommendations, and expert advice on planning any event — large or small — call the Event Specialists at the Event Experience Company at 309-661-6500 or visit them online at EventExperienceCompany.com.


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