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How to Recognize the Best Carpet Cleaning Deals and Providers

Get your entire home clean for this incredibly low price!” You may have received a flyer in the mail or perhaps even answered the door to a salesperson, either way, the message is the same. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

 When it comes to carpet cleaning, bait-and-switch scams are quite common. The offer starts with an unbelievably low price to clean your entire home or several rooms for a rock bottom price — the bait. Then, once inside your home, the switch occurs. The salesman or the person cleaning the carpets may begin to share concern over why the carpets in your home do not fit within the offer terms. Your rooms may be larger than average. Your carpet may be thicker than a normal home. You may have more stains. Heavier traffic patterns. You have kids. Pets. They may wander room to room shaking their head while noting reasons for the price increase. This technique often works for unsuspecting consumers, especially the elderly, as by the time this typically occurs the technician has already entered your home with their equipment and are ready to clean those carpets!

Tips for finding the best Research the company:
Review the company website.
Reference review sites for local reviews on Facebook and Google. Ask your friends! Also, consider contacting the company to speak with a representative and ask them these questions: are you certified by the IICRC in carpet and upholstery cleaning? What type of training do you have? How many years has your company been in business? Is your company insured? If the company cannot answer these simple questions — move on.

Know the terms: Carpet cleaning deals typically have provisions that you must be familiar with. The answers to these two key questions also tend to drive up costs with popular offers: 1) Are there any travel or fuel surcharges? 2) Will the cost of cleaning solutions be included in the estimate? These items are hidden fees and should not be added to your estimate.

Recognize a professional: Reputable carpet cleaning companies project a professional image on many fronts. Professional carpet cleaning technicians should arrive in a vehicle with company identification on it. They should wear professional uniforms and be well groomed. They will present company identification by way of a business card or certification card. Any person who does not present in a professional manner should be considered a warning that the company is not reputable and you may not want to conduct business with them.

Respectable carpet cleaning providers are straightforward and easy to work with. They are knowledgeable in all things carpet and will freely (and proudly) share their information. Quick online searches and discussions with friends will reveal which companies to work with and those to avoid. You will easily discover who the quality technicians are just by asking a few simple questions.

Avoid the bait-and-switch scams by contacting Papa Bear Carpet Care, a well known company that offers quality carpet care and service with no hidden costs or fees. Contact Phil Meyer at Papa Bear Carpet Care by calling 309-275-9999, or for more information visit papabearcarpetcare.com.


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