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Easy and Inexpensive Home Decorating Tips

Every living space needs a change from time to time, but redecorating your home from scratch can cost you a lot of time and money. Luckily, there are headache-free, cost-effective ways to completely revamp your rooms. Make interior design a cinch with these simple tips:

    You don't always need to buy a room full of new furniture at once.  A skilled designer from Martin's Home Furniture can help you prioritize and plan in stages when you are on a budget.  One well thought out piece can be the first step to transforming a room.  You can later add items of priority as funds allow.

    If you’re feeling cramped, you can rearrange what you currently have to create more space or give the room a whole new feel.
    Do an honest appraisal of your furniture and accessories. Less can be more. Reducing clutter can give a sleeker look that will require a lot less dusting and maintenance. While paring down, ask yourself if an item is useful or beautiful?  If the answer is "no" it is time to part ways. "It's a great feeling to look around a room where each item either has a purpose or is visually appealing," says designer Barb DeNight.

Change your mind
    If you hate commitment, consider periodically rotating your artwork between several favorite pieces. You can transform the entire feel of the room simply by changing what is on your walls. Consider doing so on a seasonal or thematic basis, whenever your kids come home with a new creation, or simply when the mood strikes.
    "Also, consider changing simple window panels, pillows and throws between heavier and lighter weight fabrics for different seasons. This allows for warming or cooling down the feeling of a room, and prevents tiring of a single look," says designer Kay Lowry.

Go bold
    Give your space a splash of color by painting an accent wall or the molding with a funky or decadent color. It will be easy to opt for a bolder color if you are not painting every inch of your room, but you don’t have to paint to go bold. “You can buy some really inexpensive canvas artwork to change it up, too.” said DeNight.
    The walls are not the only surface that deserves a color treatment. You can add color with a beautiful area rug, pillows, and accessories, which we often don’t consider, according to DeNight. “A lot of people think of smaller items because they view them from a few feet away. Adding larger pieces like vases, candlesticks, and decorations to bigger areas, like a mantle or sofa table, can make the space look totally different.”
    Don’t forget how far a few throw pillows can go to add texture and color to a drab couch. Replace a dull or neutral couch, chair, or ottoman with a piece that adds pizzazz into a room. Some people are afraid of making a colorful statement, but you won’t get tired of a shade you’ve loved a long time. To be safe, you can always choose a lighter tint, like blue for teal.

Liven it up
    A couple of houseplants will lend any drab room a sense of vitality. Choose a sunlit corner for your plants. Low-maintenance plants that can thrive even under the care of the most irresponsible plant owners include Fiddle leaf figs, Jade and Tillandsia (air plant).
    You don’t need to break the bank, or your back for that matter, when giving your home’s interiors a facelift. Quick, easy changes can make a big impact.

    For more information on decorating ideas and furniture, call or stop by Martin’s Home Furniture showroom at 501 Chancellor Drive, Bloomington, 309-662-7733, or online at martinshomefurniture.com.


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