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Back to School... Back to You!

The conclusion of summer is always a little bittersweet. The long days spent in the sun are coming to an end, but the crisp days of fall are just starting. The impromptu BBQs on the deck are wrapping up, but bonfires and hoodies are waiting on the other side. The kids are back in school, but the kids are back in school!

    After a season of carefree days without a strict schedule, the beginning of fall is a great time to embrace routine and dedicate time to taking care of yourself. When we devote time and energy to self-care, we have more to give to the people and causes that mean the most to us. As we start a new season, prioritize and take care of yourself by remembering some of these important self-care actions:
    Exercising — Setting aside an hour each day (or at least several times each week) to exercise is a great way to connect your mind and body and get in some “me-time,” all while taking care of your physical and mental health. Focusing on yourself for an hour isn’t selfish, it’s imperative so you can be calm and capable to take on the world! Whether you choose to exercise in a group fitness class or by yourself on Constitution Trail, be sure to schedule your workout on your gym’s app or your calendar. You are much more likely to follow through on exercise when you hold yourself accountable through a pre-planned schedule!  
    Meal planning  — Taking a little time once each week to plan meals can be a huge stress-reliever each day at dinnertime. An organized meal plan allows for efficient grocery shopping (saving you time and money) and prevents a scramble each night when the family is in hungry meltdown mode. Planning ahead for meals also helps you stay on a healthy track. When you feed yourself and your family nutritious meals, you are better equipped to tackle your day.
    Sleeping — Sleep is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Turning off electronics at a regimented time each night helps you fall asleep and get better quality sleep. If you tend to stay up late each night binging on the newest Netflix series or devouring a suspenseful novel, try to limit yourself to just one episode each night or a couple of chapters. When you meet your body’s sleep needs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how refreshed you feel in the morning and how much more productive you can be throughout the day.
    Taking time for yourself  — Indulge each week in a little bit of time pampering yourself. Whether it’s a massage, manicure, personal meditation, or a quiet walk, ensuring you get a little time each week to breathe and relax is incredibly restorative.
    Spending time with those you love  — Schedule time each week to be with those most important to you. Relationships are typically our top priority, and they need nurturing to thrive. Enjoy a date night with your partner, an outdoor adventure with your kiddos, or happy hour with friends. Time spent with the ones we love is one of the very best ways to take care of ourselves!  
    Here’s to a fun and safe start to fall… and a great season of getting back to you!  

    The Dailey Method is located at 315 Susan Drive in Bloomington. Class times vary and can be found on the website: thedaileymethod.com/studios/bloomington, or by calling 309-451-4202.


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