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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

The dog days — pardon the pun — of summer are here. If you don’t take the proper precautions, the summer heat can be detrimental, even life threatening, to your pet. Remember that the human body is automatically programmed to cool itself through sweating, but dogs don’t have the same ability to effectively cool themselves down. Prevention is always the best approach, so here are some tips, tricks, and simple ways to keep your dog cool in the summer heat.

1. Hydration is the key.
The number-one way to make sure your dog does not overheat or become dehydrated is to constantly have fresh, clean, and cool water available. You may want to add some ice to make sure the water keeps cool. If you are frequently out and about with you dog, you should get a dog-friendly water bottle. They come with attachable bowls to make it easier for your pet to get as much water as possible.

2. Take precautions when walking.

If you have ever walked barefoot on hot asphalt, you know it can easily burn you. Don’t make your dog endure that torture. Take turns walking on the grass or sidewalk and stick to the grass whenever possible. Change your walk schedule to cooler times of the day like early morning or at night. Beating the sun is one of the best ways to keep your dog cool in summer. Limit the time you exercise or play with your dog outside and don’t push it.

3. Do what’s best for your dog.

Dogs can get overheated in temperatures as low as 80 degrees. When it gets above 85 or 90, it’s best to keep pets inside where there is a fan or air conditioning. However, if you must keep your dog outside, make sure he can keep cool. Here are some ideas:
• Buy a raised dog house to provide shade and a nice place to cool down. Make sure it is well-ventilated.
• Get a doggy bed made specifically for cooling down your canine friend.
• Use a plastic kiddie pool full of water to make a cool place for your dog to stand or lay.
• Shade, shade, shade! Make sure your dog has a lot of shade so he can get away from the hot sun.
• Buy a cooling vest for your dog. These are also really helpful when you are out and about with your pooch.

4. Quick ways to cool off
• Let him dig — it is cooler under the top layer of dirt
• Take him for a swim
• Give him some doggy ice cream
• Give him a cold, wet towel to lay on or put cool water on his chest and paws
• Try using a doggy cooling mat

5. Never, ever leave your dog in a parked vehicle
Leaving your dog alone in a parked car is extremely dangerous and can lead to death. Cracking the window open is not enough. Within 10 minutes, the temperature in the car can rise 20 degrees. Within an hour, it is up to 45 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Even if the temperature is 70 F degrees outside, after 30 minutes, it may have risen to over 100 degrees inside the car. If you find an animal left in a car alone, take down the make, model, and license number and ask the store manager to try to find the owner. Call the non-emergency police line or the animal control and wait for instructions from them.

6. Address overheating directly
If you notice signs of overheating, such as panting, weakness, pale gums, disorientation, or labored breathing, it’s important to address them right away before they escalate. Immediately bring your dog into a cool area and if possible run cool (not cold) water over their coat. If you cannot get your dog into the bathtub, use cool, wet towels on your dog’s underside. Use fans to help circulate air and cool your dog, but do not point fans directly at a panting dog. Encourage your dog to drink.


If your dog has symptoms of overheating that you are unable to control using the methods noted above, call your vet immediately. The faster you cool the dog, the better chance he has of recovering.
Nillas Tub, located at 211 Landmark Dr., Ste B-1 in Normal, is passionate about the health of dogs and cats. They carry a variety of food, treats, and supplements that are GMO free, organic where possible, free range, grass fed, human grade, whole food with absolutely no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, animal-by-products, or fillers. They also have everything you need to bathe and groom your furry friend in a fun, relaxing environment. No appointment necessary, call 309-451-9274 or visit them online at NillasTub.com.

Article written by Diana Beth Miller and reprinted with permission from Top Dog Tips, www.topdogtips.com. They provide dog owners with the most accurate and in-depth tips and advice on dog care, health, and nutrition from the industry experts — veterinarians, dog trainers, groomers, and animal scientists.



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