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Progress Your Running Technique

Are you amping up your running workouts this summer? Trying out a couch to 5k program? Working on a race PR? Moving from a 10k to a half marathon? Summer calls many of us to hit the pavement, and while running has many positive effects on your health and mood, it can also be hard on your body.

    How can you reap the efficient cardiovascular work and endorphin boost of running while avoiding the overuse injuries that often plague runners? By pairing your runs with an effective cross training and stretching regimen!

Work on your flexibility: For ideal muscular health, there should be a balance between strength and flexibility in each muscle group. Both your hamstrings and quadriceps play an important role in running. Before and after each run, be sure to stretch both of these muscles in addition to your iliotibial band, also known as the IT band. Effective stretching of your leg muscles and IT band will reduce post-run fatigue and pain, allowing you to reduce the amount of “off days” between runs. Flexibility will also help protect your joints and avoid injury.
Strengthen your hips to protect your knee: A major risk factor for knee pain is a weak gluteus medius. This muscle, located on the outer surface of the pelvis is important for hip stabilization in running. Without stable hips, runners can encounter knee, hip, and low back pain. In your cross-training work, be sure to target your gluteus medius in addition to your gluteus maximus.
Strengthen your upper body:     Running is great at strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, but other muscle groups, especially core stabilizers, need to be strengthened to create muscular balance and decrease risk of injury. Incorporate core work in your cross training to create a stable and strong center which will improve your running posture. As form improves, wear and tear on the body decreases while movement becomes more efficient and endurance improves.
Create mind-body awareness:
Practice mindful breathing and relaxation. By relaxing your mind and calming your body, you can overcome training barriers and fatigue with more success.
    Consider trying a Dailey Method class to efficiently strengthen and stretch all the muscles of your body while tuning into your breathing and mind-body connection. No matter how you choose to cross-train this summer, take care of yourself and your body by maintaining balance in your workouts! 
    The Dailey Method is located at 315 Susan Drive in Bloomington. Class times vary and can be found on the website: thedailymethod.com/studios/Bloomington, or by calling 309-451-4202.



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