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Sciatic What?

My sister suffered for months with lower-back pain in silence. She thought it would go away with time, but it did not. Finally, when her back pain radiated down her leg, she decided to go to the doctor.

    He said she was experiencing sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic what? The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. From the lower spine, the sciatic nerve splits into two branches, one for each leg. These nerves continue down each leg, dividing again at the knee. Sensations and muscle control throughout the lower body can be traced through the sciatic nerve.

Warning signs
    Early signs of sciatica are tingling, stinging, and burning sensations in the areas directly supplied by the sciatic nerve; i.e., hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet. Often, in cases later diagnosed as sciatica, there is a prolonged period of intermittent low-back pain and muscle weakness that the patient probably ignores. However, a single careless movement or even bending the wrong way can trigger the sudden, intense shooting pain that is clear indication of sciatica.

Nerve inflammation
    The nerve inflammation that results in sciatic pain is most frequently traced to faulty alignment of the vertebrae in the lower spine and improper mechanics of the lower spine and pelvis, which may lead to possible intervertebral disc lesions.

The onset
    Sciatica can be brought on by a single, accidental stress to the lower spinal-pelvic area or it may develop gradually from a pattern of stresses to the back. A job where one is constantly lifting and altering one’s posture to compensate for the weight being lifted can often cause the onset of sciatica. Occupations requiring constant sitting (such as office work and driving) may also cause similar back problems.
    Chiropractic adjustment is the method of choice for correcting the sciatic inflammation. Most chiropractors conduct a thorough screening for the signs of sciatica as part of its total comprehensive spinal and physical evaluation of each patient. If you are experiencing any of the signs of sciatica, contact your physician for a thorough evaluation. No one should suffer in silence with pain.

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