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Yoga for Kids

Kids have strength and energy, they’re flexible, graceful, constantly moving, and easily excited, but they can have quiet times too. Childhood is a period of physical change that will never be repeated. Many of the activities children naturally engage in every day are a form of yoga. A yoga class simply organizes what comes naturally to kids.

    There are countless benefits for children who practice yoga. Yoga is unique in its capacity to exercise the mind and body. Yoga is a system of physical and mental exercises meant to synchronize body and mind for a healthier and more aware self. The connection, or union, between body and mind creates physical and mental balance. It helps children move and think in a new way that puts thought into movement and movement into thought. Yoga also provides a ready-made philosophy of ethical living adaptable to any age or ability.
    Yoga offers many therapeutic benefits for children. Mantra, or yoga sounds, is the use of vibration and vocalization which calms and helps to focus attention. It encourages development of language and the physical ability to speak. It also encourages children to establish eye contact and personal interactions.
    Yoga asana, or postures, provide great benefits to children’s bodies. It has positive benefits in all developmental aspects of gross motor skills, including general body awareness and position in space. Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, and coordination in kids. Bending and stretching poses help move and stimulate the digestive system. Breathing exercises can expand lung capacity, and heart strength, while also massaging the internal organs. Many postures also strengthen joints and ligaments and promote a healthy spine. It also encourages children to use their bodies in a healthy way and allows for participation in a non-competitive group physical activity.
    Even a few brief moments of quiet stillness can have beneficial effects for children who rarely stop moving. Using visualization techniques can help provide deep relaxation for normally active children. Meditation improves attention span, as well as the ability to sit still and concentrate. It helps remove anxiety and frees the mind from clutter, which helps children better manage stress and makes the mind more available to learn new things. Using yoga songs and affirmations are a good way to start, for example: “I am happy, I am strong.”
    Children also develop an increased sense of self-acceptance through yoga. Yoga teaches kids to love themselves and helps build self-esteem. This can be especially beneficial to kids as they age and may experience negative, judgmental messages from peers or society.
    Yoga for adults often has lots of “stuff,” while all you really need to do yoga with kids is a child, an adult, a little space, imagination, and creativity. Many items you already have can be used as props to add to the yoga fun! Many of the yoga strategies can be done in less than one minute and would be easy to incorporate into daily routines. Yoga helps kids find the path that leads to kindness, love, empathy, and service rather than selfishness, greed, hate, and violence.
    Why yoga for kids? Yoga increases concentration and attention span. It promotes flexibility, strength, and confidence as well as teaches self-control and body awareness. It promotes relaxation and sounder sleep. Yoga increases stability and balance while also helping children manage stress. Learning to develop and maintain good health in childhood will set great patterns for later in life.

    Palms Together Yoga is located at 1717 R.T. Dunn Drive, Unit E in Bloomington. For more information, you may call 309-825-1800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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