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Simple Ways to Enjoy Warm-Weather Dining

The warmer months can bring a sense of new beginnings. While you’re taking in the sights and sounds of the seasons, it’s the perfect time to give your dining routine some fresh perspective.

    Get ready to enjoy the refreshing bounty of the season with these tips that can make it simple to enjoy outdoor dining:
Use fresh ingredients: Fresh simply tastes better. Take advantage of early crops and make the most of a kitchen herb garden. Look to incorporate fresh herbs, like thyme and parsley, and veggies, including artichokes and asparagus, which are at their peaks during warmer months.

Seasonal salads: Salads are another way to enjoy warm-weather flavors. Try switching out root veggies for fresh fruits and berries or add lighter ingredients like quinoa and avocado. Visit your local farmer’s market for inspiration and let your taste buds be your guide.

Pair appropriately: As the seasons change, it’s a great opportunity to switch up your wine selections. The warmer weather typically calls for lighter fare that pairs best with a white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or rosé. Try keeping versatile and affordable bottles on-hand that pair well with warm-weather meals, such as Josh Cellars California Rosé or The Crossings New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Take it outdoors: Warmer weather means it’s time to embrace the delicious blend of sunshine and warm breezes. Make time to enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch or an al fresco dinner. Be sure to add some ambient lighting so you can linger after the sun sets.

Keep it simple: Skip the complex recipes and let a handful of delicious ingredients shine. Look for simple seasonal recipes with five ingredients or less. Shorter prep time and cleanup allows you to enjoy as much daylight as possible.

    Seek out a variety of fresh produce from local farms for your next warm-weather dining experience.
    At Green Top Grocery, fresh, delicious food is just the beginning. Nourish your family. Discover local foods. Connect with others and help build a strong community. It all comes together at Green Top Grocery. Eat well. Do good. Be sure to visit their website at greentopgrocery.com or call 309-306-1523 to learn more. Located at 921 E. Washington Street in Bloomington.

Article source: familyfeatures.com



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