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Enhance Your Self Care with Therapy Balls

Self-care is the foundation to health care. Caring for ourselves helps insulate us from falling off the cliff into sickness, injuries, and pain. It recharges us and gives us energy to tackle the obstacles we face on a daily basis.


Who invented high heels anyway? Modern living is stressful and puts our bodies through the ringer. Our body develops “blind spots” over time, areas of the body that are overused, underused, misused, abused, and confused. These blind spots develop into pain points that impact our lives and keep us from doing the things we love to do. If you want to decrease pain, improve posture, reduce stress, and increase performance, you owe it to yourself to give therapy balls a try.


The first benefit is the reduction of pain. As the body’s awareness of itself increases, also known as proprioception, the pain awareness response decreases. The therapy balls, with their grippy, pliable texture, massage our bodies, encapsulate our joints, and bring much-needed relief to our bodies (just addressing the feet alone can be life changing) With practice, our tissues change and become less pain-ridden. We begin to feel better and start relaxing more.


As our bodies remodel from work with the therapy balls, our posture improves. We feel taller as our bodies align better, we move better, and this also lessens how much pain we experience. You will start breathing better as the muscles that effect respiration are free to move like they should. Confidence begins to improve as wellbeing increases. We find, reduce, and eliminate the “issues in our tissues,” leading to a reduction in stress, something everyone desperately needs.


Stress reduction is a wonderful effect that accompanies massage with the therapy balls and movement. Throughout the day, we encounter stress that stimulates our sympathetic nervous system. It puts us into “fight or flight mode,” which is great for handling tasks quickly, but it is not a place we want to stay. Over time, chronic stress is detrimental to our health, and side effects include irritability, upset stomach, and headache. In more extreme cases, it causes us to freeze up and shut down. The therapy balls soothe and calm the nervous system, allowing us to “rest and digest.” We begin building up a “stress resilience bank account,” allowing us to control stress, instead of it controlling us.


As you feel better and stress reduces, you will perform better. You will be able workout harder  as moving more efficiently consumes less energy during training and physical activities. The corrective exercises of Yoga Tune Up® will provide strength and stability that carry over into the rest of your endeavors. You will sleep better as your body is more relaxed and less stressed. Less chronic stress means a greater potential for happiness.


Please let Yoga Tune Up® help you begin or enhance your self-care plans. You are worth it, and owe it to yourself to feel better, get stronger, be less stressed, and have more fun.

Palms Together Yoga is located at 1717 R.T. Dunn Drive, Unit E in Bloomington. For more information, you may call 309-825-1800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About the Author:
Corey Wright is the owner of Feel the Knead Self Care and teaches Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® therapy ball classes at Palms Together Yoga and Crossfit Bloomington-Normal as well as being available for seminars and individual work.


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