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Change Is Good , See Yourself Blossom

The official first day of spring is March 20, but April always feels like the start of the season for me. This month brings sunshine, tulips, and puddle jumping. As we welcome spring, rebirth and renewal come to mind. This April, embrace the season and experience a reawakening of your own!

Reset healthy habits
As the ground thaws and the temperatures increase, our bodies naturally crave movement and whole foods. It’s hard to resist a walk with the sun on your face followed by a bowlful of fresh berries this time of year. Give into those cravings! Set a goal of getting outside for thirty minutes each day this month. Whether you’re walking the dog, riding your bike, or washing your car, your body and spirit will appreciate the Vitamin D and fresh air. To fuel that movement, stock your fridge with fresh fruit, grab-and-go veggies, and delicious infused water.

Rekindle meaningful relationships
Follow the lead of all that bunny love this season and respark some romance!  Schedule a biweekly date night with the one you love. Whether you’re going to dinner and a movie, enjoying a cocktail on the back deck, or taking a long walk, you’re more likely to follow through and enjoy time together when you prioritize it on your schedule.


Reach out to a friend you’ve lost touch with and spend time catching up over coffee or on the phone. Social media can trick us into believing we’re maintaining relationships, but nothing replaces spending time together. As many of us hibernate during the winter or have plans derailed due to another round of the flu, we don’t see our friends as much over the winter. Schedule a fun girls’ night out (or in!) where you can all decompress and have fun together. It’s amazing how much a little time with your favorite people can recharge you!

Reconnect with yourself
As you open the windows and reconnect with nature, tap into what makes you feel refreshed. Are you passionate about a hobby that you’ve neglected? Is there something new that you’ve been itching to try but keep putting off? Use the change in seasons to dive into gardening, art, literature — whatever makes you feel like your best self.


As the days get longer and the sunshine more prevalent, consider setting your alarm a bit earlier to spend some time with yourself. Whether you spend the time meditating, completing a devotional, or exercising, the time spent on yourself will make the early morning well worth it.


Take inspiration from the beautiful spring season and its call for reawakening. Reset, rekindle, reconnect, and watch yourself bloom!

The Dailey Method is located at 315 Susan Drive in Bloomington. Class times vary and can be found on the website: thedailymethod.com/studios/Bloomington, or by calling 309-451-4202.


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