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Discover All That's in Store at Green Top Grocery

Nestled within a new shopping district known as The Foundry on East Washington Sreet in Bloomington, Green Top Grocery is a welcome addition to the area. The close proximity to bus stops and the convenience of walking and biking accessibility via the Constitution Trail provides easy access for community patrons.

About Green Top
    Green Top is a 10,000 square foot co-op (an organization owned and financed by the community) sourcing fresh and local products along with a wide range of items available in general grocery stores. “We opened in May, 2017 after five years of partnership with our 1,600 community member/owners,” shares Rainie Themer, Marketing Manager for Green Top Grocery.
    “Our mission at Green Top is to provide access to healthy food sourced from local farmers and producers by supporting our community,” shares Rainie. “We are located within a diverse community in an area recognized as a food desert, which is defined by the USDA Dept. of Agriculture as being more than one mile from a supermarket, and therefore access to healthy food is limited.”
    Green Top is proud to offer products with qualities and standards like certified organic; humanely processed; minimally packaged; fairly traded; suitable for people with health concerns, allergies, or special diets; accessibly priced; and more. Their list of undesirable ingredients includes high-fructose corn syrup, Olestra, Aspartame, and Sucralose.
    Within the store, you will find a large produce department filled with a vibrant array of colors and varieties of many fruits and vegetables and fresh dairy, meat, and eggs sourced from local farmers. Bulk items include spices, sugar, beans, rice, nuts, chocolate, and more, allowing shoppers to buy fresh products and right-size their purchase. Discover more with the beer and wine section, wellness/supplements, essential oils, health and beauty items, and make-up. A deli provides fresh to-order items, which you may choose to enjoy in-store in the teaching kitchen area or on the second floor seating with views overlooking the store.

More than a grocery store
    “From our building constructs to our community education events in our teaching kitchen, Green Top follows responsible citizenship and environmentally friendly practices,” says Rainie. “We are a community and family who invite members and non-members to join us in our many offerings. Everyone is welcome!”
    The eco-friendly building is partially powered by solar panels. The heat from the refrigerator units is recycled through a heat reclamation tank, which provides hot water to the building. Food waste is composted.
    “We are proud to offer community education in our teaching kitchen,” shares Rainie. Events include Wellness Wednesdays, (focusing on diet, nutrition, health, and fitness-related topics), wine and beer education and tasting courses, special holiday menu preparation, and much more.

Positive change, round-ups, and charitable donations
    Green Top is honored to be owned by community members who support local charities. “Two of our on-going campaigns include Positive Change — which provides voting tokens to patrons who shop with their own bags. The tokens are then placed within voting jars, which are tallied quarterly to determine the donation amount a charitable organization may receive. The second is our Round Up at the Register, which provides the option to round to the next dollar,” shares Rainie. The organization recipients are nominated each quarter by our member/owners.
    Green Top Grocery is community owned, which means you, too, may become an owner. They are committed to strengthening and supporting a healthy, vibrant community. Green Top is a one-stop grocery store, a lunch and dinner spot, an educational outlet, and a place to socialize with friends. Green Top strives to make our community a great place to shop, dine, and live.
    Green Top Grocery is a full service, cooperative grocery store offering a wide selection of LOCAL products! Open in May 2017 and owned by over 1500 community members (and growing!) Green Top Grocery plays an important role in growing our local economy, supporting local farmers, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and improving food insecurity in our community. We welcome everyone to become a shopper and an owner and be a part of something amazing! You don’t have to be an owner to shop at Green Top. Everyone is welcome! Stop in and check out the store.  We are located at 921 E. Washington St. Bloomington, IL 61701. Open daily from 8am to 8pm.


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