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Pilates Moves You to the Core

Overwhelmed by the seemingly hundreds of exercise options available on your quest for fitness? Then, you may wish to consider the mindful practices of Pilates — a disciplined, yet convenient and fun collective of exercise aimed to move you to your core.

    Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the Pilates method in modern day is much like its origins. Joseph Pilates, circus performer and boxer, developed floor exercises — known as Pilates mat work, while he was held in an internment camp during WWI. Using all available resources, he used everyday objects by incorporating his knowledge of physical exercises to build core strength and create resistance exercises for himself and other injured or ill detainees. Once free from the camp, he soon became revered as a healer, and expanded his practice to soldiers returning from war and dancers by applying his methods to strengthen bodies and heal aches and pains.
    “Pilates movements and exercises today are preserved and based upon the very core principles developed by Joseph, which have been passed down through the decades by elders, who are teachers that learned directly from him,” shares Jennie Durchholz, Co-Owner of Move, a Pilates studio in Bloomington-Normal. “The focus of each Pilates exercise is rooted in improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness.”

Why Pilates?
    “The Pilates method is suitable for all ages with no experience necessary to begin. We can all learn to move better, especially with the sedentary life many of us live today in the age of technology,” shares Jennie. “The slow and controlled movements are low impact, encouraging students to stretch, strengthen, and move in ways they may not be used to — repetition of these moves becomes a practice, which lends itself to our everyday lives.”
    Pilates methods learned within the studio are applicable to everyday living. Sitting at a desk? Pilates students share that improved posture is one of the many benefits. Driving? Many students share that rolling their shoulders to relieve stress on the joints is common practice. Mindful movements when leaning over to picking up small children, tying one’s shoes, and more are commonplace for students of Pilates.
    “Pilates is also easily modified to the needs of each student. Experienced Pilates instructors will help tailor the movements by helping each individual explore and understand what their body is capable of through guided and consistent practice,” shares Jennie.
    Pilates classes are generally small communities of students with varied interests and motivations for participating. “There’s a movement for everyone and all walks of life,” shares Jennie. “Pilates is a great choice for anyone who wishes to improve posture, build muscle definition, establish core strength or manage and ease pain.” Pilates courses are challenging, yet fun and creative.

Whole-body movement
    There are nine principles of Pilates, which guide each Pilates exercise to ensure students perform correctly and safely — breathing, concentration, control, centering, precision, balanced muscle development, rhythm/flow, body movement, and relaxation. These principles provide a foundation for how the Pilates method is accomplished.
    As a student of Pilates, beginners will start their journey with mat exercises, using their own body for resistance. Through adoption of these principles, each student’s progression will vary. The next step in the practice after mat exercises can translate to Pilates equipment. “Our students have access to state-of-the-art Pilates equipment including Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, and the Cadillac in our Move studio — which are used to add tension and weights to perform additional exercises for further strength building and stretching” shares Jennie.
    Pilates encourages a wide range of motion for students. Anyone who recognizes the importance of taking time for themselves by caring for their mind and body will benefit from Pilates methods. Pilates instructors are strong believers in the powerful and positive impact Pilates can have on one’s life — by bringing energy, strength, and confidence into every move
    Move. is proud to be Bloomington-Normal's only fully equipped Pilates studio. Owned by Pilates instructors Georgia Thomson and Jennie Durchholz, Move offers a variety of group classes as well as private training. For more information, please call 309-808-3302 or visit our website at MovePilatesBloomington.com. Located at 712 East Empire, Bloomington, IL 61701.


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