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FLAKES, FRIZZIES, & FLYAWAYS: Beating the Winter Hair Blues

Ever had a bad hair day? Sure you have. What about a bad hair season? Well, welcome to winter, ladies.

The cold, dry air of the Midwest can torture our tresses and turn a cute hairstyle into a rat’s nest with a gust of its frigid winds. But, there are some ways to keep old man winter from messing with your ‘do.

Don’t be a flake
Winter is prime time for those embarrassing little white flakes, and though the causes vary, one of the most common triggers is colder, drier weather. Casey Bucholtz is salon leader at Fox & Hounds Hair Studio and Day Spa in Bloomington. She recommends treating the scalp and not just the hair. “A moisturizing shampoo will help add moisture to the hair but might not be enough to combat the dry scalp,” she explains. “The best solution is a shampoo that is actually geared for the scalp itself. We use Scalp Relief shampoo by Redken in our salon. It is safe to be used daily, but some people can even alternate with their daily shampoo every other day and get great relief.”

The 4-1-1 on frizzies
During a single winter day, our hair and hairstyle can be subjected to indoor central heating, a cold and dry or damp outdoor climate, wind, drizzle, snow, and static. No wonder it freaks out. Shannon Whittaker is a licensed cosmetologist and senior staff member at Fox & Hounds and says incorporating a styling product into your regimen can help tame your tresses. “A lightweight styling cream like Pureology Cuticle Polisher is meant to smooth the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of the hair,” she explains. She also recommends a leave-in oil treatment such as Redken Diamond Oil, which helps to moisturize, tame frizz, prevent and seals split ends, helps color retention, and simply keeps hair healthy.

To shampoo or not to shampoo?
It is a common misconception that if you shampoo your hair every day it will dry it out. If you are using a moisturizing shampoo and/or conditioner, shampoing every day is not typically a problem. However, Shannon says that if you don’t want to shampoo every day there are other options. You can just rinse it and restyle or “If it’s oily,” she adds, “a dry shampoo for that second day is a great option.” Casey agrees. “Shampooing your hair less, especially in the winter, will help sometimes keep your hair more moisturized and manageable. A littleknown trick is to use dry shampoo the day you wash your hair to actually help prevent the oil buildup, then again on the second day.”

Chill on the heat
When it comes to styling, less is more. “It’s OK to style your hair with blow-dryers and hot styling tools in the winter as long as you use a heat protector,” says Shannon. Her favorite is Pureology Color Fanatic. She also recommends using a lower heat setting to help minimize damage.

Take your vitamins
Yes, vitamins are important for a healthy body, but also help keep hair strong. Casey says, “Take Biotin during the winter if you already take a multi-vitamin.” Biotin, also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R, helps promote healthy and strong hair, skin, and nails. Casey also recommends an important superfood — the avocado. “The avocado helps with moisture levels. Incorporating avocado into your diet can give you added benefits for strong, healthy hair.” Always ask your health care provider before taking any supplements to be sure it’s a good fit for you and your overall wellbeing.

If you have questions about your hair or what winter’s wrath has wreaked on it, talk to your stylist. A trained stylist should be able to counsel you as to what is best for your hair as well as teach you how to properly use any product they recommend. Your hair will love you for it!

Fox & Hounds Hair Studio and Day Spa is located at 200 West Monroe in Downtown Bloomington. Appointments can be made by calling 309-829-0482, or online at fox-n-hounds.com.


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