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Cupping Therapy Rejuvenation for the Face and Neck

Cupping is a form of vacuum therapy not new to the field of esthetics. It has become popular in the massage therapy world as the benefits are quite remarkable, with results lasting longer than conventional massage. Can these same techniques be used to help in facial rejuvenation, puffy eyes, or jowls? Before you reach for the hoover in your closet and start experimenting, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of facial cupping and what it can do for you. The benefits of face/neck cupping may include relieving acne congestion, TMJ pain relief, headache and sinus relief, headaches, and reduction of inflammation (puffy/dark circles) from lymph and allergies, pre and post-surgery, and an overall firmer, lifted appearance. Cupping should only be done by a professional trained in facial anatomy and the lymph pathways to avoid damage to the skin and underlying structures.

Acne congestion: Thickening of sebum leads to congestion. Cupping along areas of congestion helps to thin this sebum and can prevent that congestion from blossoming into lesions or breakouts. A diet high in Omega 3’s can also help with the viscosity of sebum. An esthetician can gently glide the cups along congested area, working with the lymphatic system to relieve this congestion.
Reduction of Inflammation: Excess lymph is similar to when your vacuum cleaner is clogged. If you continue vacuuming when it is clogged, it’s really not working at its optimal level, and it becomes impossible to continue without getting rid of the sock or whatever is keeping the sweeper from working, Lymph is similar in that it can become slow moving, thickening and building up in tissues and nodes. This edema is common in allergy sufferers, those who intake a lot of salt, those who are ill, and even those with a lack of sleep. The result is a puffy appearance and dark circles, especially around the eye area and lower jaw (jowl area). Thyroiditis can also cause inflammation around the neck’s base. Cupping therapy mimics the body’s naturally pumping lymph system and, done at the right pressure, can greatly aid in the reduction of excess fluids from the tissues. It is an extremely relaxing procedure and gives stress-relieving benefits as well.

Pre/post-surgery: Many doctors are realizing the benefits of lymphatic drainage before surgery to provide optimum results and after to aid in quick healing and less inflammation and discoloration. Some surgeries include rhinoplasty, face lifts, or cancer/melanoma surgery. Surgical scars can be reduced as the vacuum therapy releases restrictions and increases healthy blood flow.


TMJ pain relief: TMJ dysfunction can cause congestion at the jaw’s angle and ear area. Vacuum drainage and pulsing gently in this area and down the neck can relieve this pain and pressure. Massage therapists can also provide manual intra-oral relief for TMJ.


Headaches and Sinutitis: Estheticians and massage therapists commonly hear complaints of headaches and often provide some of the best relief. Cupping addresses many causes of headaches by releasing soft tissue and drainage. Lymph drainage techniques focusing on the sinuses can relieve swelling and discomfort, especially if performed twice weekly while symptoms are flaring.

Lifting and firming: We all want more lifted and firmed skin. Cupping tones the facial muscles and increases blood flow to result in a more firm and lifted appearance similar to microcurrent facial treatments. It is rather like taking your face and neck to the gym. Many clients feel that it is more comfortable than microcurrent and can be done on most everyone. Cupping should be done twice weekly for three to five weeks for maximum benefits, then on a maintenance schedule. Cupping must be administered by a trained therapist. Done incorrectly, cupping can cause capillary damage and bruising. Many feel it is one of the most relaxing of facial treatments.
    Cupping/vacuum therapy is well known and loved in Asia, Europe, and Russia. This relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating ancient therapy is a must-try!

    glo facial spa and skin center is located at 203 ½ W. North St. in Uptown Normal. For additional information or appointments call 309-808-2805, or reach us on the web at glofacialspa.com.


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